1600 Ton Master (2/M unlimited) + TOAR: NY Harbor Jobs

Thinking of moving from sailing deep sea to move back to NYC (a tale as old as time). I have my 1600 masters/2nd Mates and my completed TOAR. Just wondering what the job market is looking like back home, as far as what position I’d probably start off at/who is hiring/what I could expect for pay.

I had a good idea a couple years ago, but with COVID i have no idea what the harbor looks like these days.

Appreciate the help!

I cannot say about NYC specifically, but in general covid has created a lot of jobs for mariners.

Tugs in many places have struggled to find enough crew, especially licensed guys. This is a good time for new guys with licenses but no experience.


Who were you sailing with before? You could always give MMP’s Atlantic Maritime Group (AMG) a call and see what things are looking like for them.

Was sailing with MSC, have my MMP C book but am not really feeling the offshore lifestyle any more. Ready to be home more and spend more time with the family. That’s a good idea, thank you!

You might consider getting some more experience on tugs with one of the smaller non union companies where you can move up more quickly while you age you shipping card. If you make one top paying MMP trip a year and accumulate some unlimited seatime, and work tugs eight or nine months of the year, that might be an advantageous combination.

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You can immediately try Coeyman Marine Transportation, American Petroleum and Transport, Henry Marine, Stasinos, and NYS Marine Highway. All are always looking for officers.

If you get in with one you only work there long enough to get into better company depending on what your salary and benefits requirements are.