Dann Ocean Work Schedule

Does anyone have an idea of the schedule Dann Ocean works/what their primary contracts are for? I hear they are good for entry level jobs, but I’d like to know a little something before applying. Thanks in advance.

You need to change your address to the boat you are on.

Schedule? I don’t think that’s in the Dann Towing vocabulary.


They pay more % of travel if you work longer.

I’ve heard that working for Dann is like working in Alaska. They have two types of hitches: long and longer.

360 on 5 off

So far all of the above is true.

Thanks all, gee really sounds like the armpit of the industry…

Good place to get experience towing silly shit and Go places you won’t go at many other companies. If I had to do it over, I would have gone there for a year or two when I was a bit younger for the experience and adventure.

If you’re entry level then take whatever you can get. It’s experience that you need even if you don’t like it. Suck it up for a year or so, upgrade and then move on.

[QUOTE=jreyes;163320]Thanks all, gee really sounds like the armpit of the industry…[/QUOTE]

Just go and pay your dues.