Dann Ocean Towing info please

Found some work with them on deck. This will be my first job on board a tug. Please give me a heads up of things to expect that may not have been in the canned orientation talk at the office. Is this a good company to work for? I am being hired on as an OS until the USCG approves the submission of my AB paperwork. Still a deckky.
Any info would be great. Thanks

From a retired mongoloid’s perspective, you’ve hit the jackpot…

Haha…you beat me to it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they use the ole “we will hire you as an AB!(but use you as an OS)!!!”

Are they that good of a towing outfit to work for?

[QUOTE=Capt. Schmitt;54312]Are they that good of a towing outfit to work for?[/QUOTE]
I havn’t heard anything good about them.

Ahhh. It was sarcasm then. Ok.

So they will hire a fresh OS but not a seasoned AB with all the paperwork and a license??? How odd is that??

I thought the same thing because I called weekly before I got a new job

I will never understand why Companies do that!!!

To train them their way

They are easier to control, manipulate and lie to.

If they hire OS I may just try with them. Does anyone know their rotation schedule?

If you get to work with Yogi Rogers you have hit the jackpot . Great guy and excellent capt. You will learn a lot .

Dann will hire a 3rd mate graduate (as a OS) They will also use the OS deck hand as an AB when necessary, but will conveniently ‘forget’ to pay AB pay. And forget again, and then forget again. Get the picture?

But it’s a place to start.

What is their AB and OS pay

Got it. Thanks.
I am inexperienced as a deck worker but have captained a 91’ lobster vessel for years. Looks like I wont be getting rich but I am looking forward to learning another aspect of the business from the bottom up. I was asked not to discuss pay and plan to honor that. KFJ, the pay is def not the highest in the industry but they all seem pretty “stand up” so far. I never called. Went there in person 4 times until I got a job.
Thanks for the well wishes
Didn’t intend to piss anybody off in the previous post. No harm meant.

Thanks to this forum, I found that the best way to secure maritime employment is to show up in person with a bag packed, docs in hand, with a get er dun attitude and be ready to rock.

what boat?

Hey everyone

I have been getting tons of great info from everyone so far here starting re-starting my maritime career, and thanks to everyone! I basically need to get my AB ticket to begin my career on ATBs, which is what I am intending to pursue. In the meantime I am would like to try something other than oil field support and the deep sea overseas hitches are too long for my current situation (looking for something at the 28 day or so mark).

Anyways, I am intrigued by companies like Dann Ocean Towing, Smith Maritime, and Tradewinds Towing. These companies apear to haul and tow cargo on demand, but what is a typical hitch like…what do you do exactly, because they don’t seem to be operating like a liner service or fixed schedule or anything, or are they?

Can someone from Dann comment on their experiences?

Thanks…yet again!

Most 3rd Mate graduates, particularly on tugboats, aren’t capable of being much more than an OS. You already KNOW that but are trying to twist reality with this comment.