Dann Marine Towing?

Does anyone know anything about Dann Marine Towing out of Chesapeake City, MD.

Not an equal time job, don’t pay full travel to boat. You can work as long as you want if your broke. Bunch of differents types of towing work.

If you work 20/10 they pay, 50% travel, 30/15, 66.6% travel, or 40/20 100% travel. Family run company, decent boats, decent benefits, pay is always on time. That’s about all any of them can offer you any more.

I worked with a guy named Mick Cutler who said he was one of thier head Captains, I don’t know how true that is because everything else he claimed was the biggest bunch of BS you will ever hear. If you every sail with this Brit, run don’t walk as far away as possible. You will be hard pressed to find a bigger A hole on the 7 sea’s

The Danns only pay travel if you live 400 miles away from the boat. 399 or less? you get zero.They have no bonuses and they dont pay extra for holidays. The insurance was good when I worked for them but it was crazy expensive. All that being said, it would be better than not working. I know Mick and he is a lot better than most of the redneck blowhard throttle jockeys over there. If you fit in well with tugboat trash he wont be your cup of tea, but I`d sail with him any day.

wow that capt mick i remember taht fruitloop dont know if he was just playing or serious but um I wish had tape recorder or cam phone with me he was always sexually trying harass us I was about push him off barge once lol nice guy but really think he is a fag. He worked seasonal for them back when I was there. I was on Great boat and good ppl then i switched to another boat to work 20/10 and lets just say i ended up quiting so all depends on what assholes u get or what good crew you get put with. But if you want be a dann mann and you on deck be prepared for 20 hr days and I would have dealt with it shit nothing else to do on boat really but work but damn let me get 4 hrs straight sleep not 30 mins here 30 mins there and then wondering why i put head down on watch when sitting at dock but not going get into that u on watch when u on watch and u on watch when u off but that was only on 1 boat so take it for what its worth I could go on and on but like said got some good ppl there also and some nice boats except for um let me shut up lol

Obviously you don’t listen and secondly don’t pay attention. I have not served as Captain for the Danns as my time is short with them every year. I don’t believe you even know what the 7 seas are. I do as I have sailed them ALL. Have you? Good luck with your endeavours
Capt. Mick