McAllister Towing of Virginia - Tow guys, Ship Docking Guys, and engineers needed

The title says it all… we need people. decent pay, great benefits.

I’m a licensed chief engineer, unlimited HP, motor. What kind of money and benefits are they offering? Paid travel?

Dont know the money on the enginnering side, but wheelhouse isnt bad.

Travel is on a case by case basis, Ive got a ME guy and FLA guy, sometime the office buys the ticket, sometimes not.

Their insurance is great, less than $100 a week for a family plan, very low copays, vision, dental, and perscriptions.

What are they paying ab’s there, I have the license I just dont have a towing endorsment. And what kind of schedule are they working?

Do you think they are paying +/-$500 a day? Who is the contact to speak with at HR?

Cleveland: quite a nom de guerre! They pay a little less than that. But the travel pay is what makes the deal for some. Some guys get travel to and from. Some don’t. Some live close, some far away. It all depends on how bad (or good) a negotiator you are. But… they have been known to take travel away, make you work even time, then demand you work 2 for1 at the drop of a hat and take pay cuts if they shift you from different ports with a lower pay scale. But I have heard from two guys ( who they apparently like) that they get top pay and travel wherever they are sent! Again, a lot depends on your skill at negotiating before you agree to join, And how desperate they are for your license.
Good luck.

Cappy was right on alot of points.

The schedule is 2 and 2 for most boats, some out of town guys work a little different. No one here that I know of has had a pay cut, but then do play the shipyard game and move people around on occasion.

Ive been here almost 3 years and Im fairly happy. Im close to home(10mins), steady schedule, and the checks dont bounce…Ill take that all day long.

I think there are a few licensed ABs around here. They need to promote from withen first.

No offense meant, but there’s a few licensed guys around here who should NEVER be promoted just because they are licensed.

The license is only ONE part of whether a guy should be driving. And NOT the biggest item either. If these guys have been passed over it is likely for a reason.

There are many reasons why McAllister Towing of VA is looking for people. They laid good hard working individuals off not to long ago, fired the worst of the worst and the best of the best have left for greener grass.

No company can touch Macs benefit package, NO ONE!

But how else are they going to get people to run there junk, And be treated like dirt.

Better get a good deal when they hire you cause you will never get a raise. After a couple of years you will find out an AB makes more then a Captain.

Good luck at having a schedule, won’t happen. One month you will work 2 and 2. Then it will be 3 and 3. Then you will get a call, so and so wants Christmas off so you have to work 1 week go home for 3 days and start working 14 and 7.

Then when the little flurry of activity is over you will be laid off. Of course you will not be told you are laid off until after you spend half the day and your own money traveling to work.