McAllister Towing NY

Just got an email from McAllister Towing NY. Anyone know anything about them? How’s the pay, work environment, etc.? Currently employed in GOM, so not unhappy or looking to move but I don’t want to pass up on an opportunity either.

The pay isn’t at the top tier, however, If you are looking to become a better boat handler, then that is the place to be. They are a general rowing outfit in Staten Island. One year with them in New York harbor is like five years in other ports. The equipment is not nearly as nice as some of the bigger GOM companies. I hear they are starving for mates.

Correction: towing outfit

If you are looking for some tug boat, ship docking, NY harbor experience, they will be good for that. I must warn you keep your expectations low, McAllister is pretty much bottom of the barrel when it comes to the big NY companies.

Thanks everyone. I’m not dying to get out of the GoM and I have plenty of experience towing so I’m not seeing any plusses at the moment, espcially if they are bottom of the barrel. Thanks again.

They had a massive layoff recently so I would be hesitant to trust the job security. Mcallister is one of the oldest and biggest companies but they pay would be sub standard to you.

Has everyone given up a decent wage for these folks who think this is equivalent to
shoreside? What happened to cookie?
What happened to vacation? Crap to you if you think time off is vacation. And you don’t pay trans. either? Rookie cops are making more. Dental hygienests make more. Court reporters make $115k. A lousy lawyer males $120k. I used to make more than a lousy lawyer because one tolde so. My mechanic made $90k last year and his retirement is probably worth that annually. What, there is no retirement either?