McAllister Towing of VA Engineer position

McAllister Towing of Virginia currently has the following position available:

  • Licensed Chief Engineer, off-shore towing vessel, 21/21 schedule
    • must have extensive EMD experience
    • USCG License required

Send resumes to

Daily rate???.. Travel pay???

I worked for them out pf new York back in 2006-08. Curious to see what the rates are now. Had paid travel and $420 a day back then.

I think you have the wrong thread, Mac of VA is non union.

He is spamming. Look around and you will see more of his posts.

McAllister Towing is non-union. The address for the Virginia office is 914A Pearl St. Norfolk, VA 23523 and resumes can be mailed, attention Amber.
Daily rate and/or travel pay is based on qualifications and experience. This will be discussed individually with each qualified candidate.

McAllister does offer competitive pay, travel reimbursement (in some ports), medical, dental, vision, long/short term disability, 401k, and many other great benefits.

These posts are NOT spam. If you are interested in a position, you can contact me via the methods mentioned.

The person to whom my post was directed is spamming and simple reading skills show that that person isn’t you.

Thanks for the heads up on the job. If I still lived in VA Beach I would’ve jumped on this.

Yea travel reimbursement (in some ports) is not attractive. I was speaking directly about the job you have posted now. Not about other ports. If you want a licensed chief engineer being a chief limited near coastal or oceans you have to have an attractive package to get them with the raises the oil field just received.