McAllister Towing out of Staten Is. NY

:confused:I know I’ve seen something about McAllister on these forums, however when I do a search nothing comes up. Can anyone give me the heads up on these guys ie wages, benifits, working conditions, crews, mangement etc.:o

Check your inbox…

so what info did you share?

There was something in the ginormous job leads thread recently about McAllister looking for Hawsepipe Engineers.

Stay away!!!

[QUOTE=chgonyer;43704]so what info did you share?[/QUOTE]

What he asked for that I was able to provide. I do my best to be honest. As such some of the information I shared may not be the most flattering or paint the company in their best light. Being a current employee I don’t wish to make any disparaging statements on a public message board that could adversely affect my job. It wouldn’t take much for them to figure out who I am (i.e. I believe I am their only employee that lives in St Louis).

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, such as Seadogs statement, “Stay away”, the company has been good to me. Perfect? No, I don’t think that exists. Better than some and worse than others, sure.

So if you have a specific request I will try and accommodate you, this forum has been very useful to me and a wealth of information, so I try to give back when I can. But the reply will come via private message.

I would really like to know if anyone has any insight on Mcallister’s hiring methods pertaining to apprentice mates? Does anyone know if Mcallister or any company for that matter would hire someone like myself on as an AB, and allow me to spend time in the Wheelhouse to learn? I currently hold a 200GRT (500 ITC) Master Near Coastal. Apprentice Mate of Towing, Radar Unlimited, AB Unlimited, STCW-95 Basic Safety, RFPNW. I have worked on conventional and z-drive tugs within the same company. I was recently laid off before I could start working on my TOAR. My hopes ( along with a lot of other people) is to find information on a company that may look for people like myself who would like to work on the deck and really learn the trade first… and someone who has credentials in hand ready to advance within the company when the opportunity presents itself ? Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone in advance!

Sounder: In this economy none of the companies that I am aware of hire specifically ‘training mates.’ They hire deckhands, and it is up to you to do your deckhand job, then train as you can in your off watch time.

The seatime letter you need must be written as if you are (were) a in training position. So that will be a challenge for you to get them to write correctly. All this different training qualifications and training letters are relatively new, and the HR in all the offices is just now coming up to speed. Some of them still don’t understand that they actually have -0- training positions, and the seatime letters MUST be written as a trainee for it to count to your TOAR.

Your specific conditions (already having done the licensing/ apprentice exam) makes it a whole lot easier to get a TOAR signed off, but it MUST be by a DE. Just any old Capt or mate can’t do it… Well, they can, it just won’t count towards your TOAR!

Cappy208: Thank you very much. Great info

Sounder: I predate the TOAR stuff. It has been my experience that it takes a TOAR candidate at least a year, maybe two to gain sufficient competence to have confidence. BUT this is not a guarantee that ANYONE will pass muster. Some take years; some… never make it!

Thank you Cappy208. Just need to get back into the towing sector and give it my best. Thanks!

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