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Hello all! I am new as a member to this forum. There is a great wealth of information on here, thanks for that! I have a few question for you guys as I am trying to get into the offshore oil industry. I have been looking at many companys down on the gulf coast and am starting to talk seriously to a few of them with the hopes of an interview in the next week or so and really have no idea on what an average wage for my credentials is. I have around 2000 days at sea on large commercial fishing vessels’ 600 ton 200 foot, and some tug boat experience. I hold a 100 ton master and a 200 ton mate, both near coastal with an unlimited radar endorsment. I have experience handling the large fishing vessels as I did not need a license because they were “uninspected fishing vessels”. All of my time is in the Atlantice Ocean thow. The point that I am trying to get at here is what I should be looking to make a day down there as a 100 master 200 ton mate on a crew boat or utility boat?


$350/day and up.


Thank you anchorman! I hope to get into the industry at that level and continue on up the hawspipe! Im only 27 and have many many years at sea ahead of me! Also I would like to ask if anyone has heard of International Offshore and if so are they a good company? I know alot of you guys work for Chouest and I would love to get a job there but I need to get my foot in the door somewhere and International is working hard to recruit me.


$270-$350 is more realistic. <br><br>If anybody is paying more then $350 starting out I would like to know.


Maybe so. I just know about what positions pay, not the people trying to get a position…that’s usually a matter of experience when getting hired, but it doesn’t take long to advance if you prove that you can hold your own pecker. 450/day for LNG Tug masters with the small license. Otto candies is paying in the middle of that range for ABs $305 or 310/day.


Splash,<br><br>IOS starts training capts w/o previous gulf exp @ 220/day. Tops out around $400, the average being 320 or so. all their boats are less than 100 Ton. there is more about these guys in the IOS thread. Good luck.


Rpags, thanks! I saw your post on the IOS thread. I dont have any gulf/ oilfield experience so I guess I would be in the $220 range. Are you on a hitch now? If so could you post on here when they get back up and running after this storm so I can give Tish a call. I dont want to be a pest to them after what they went threw today. Anyway thanks again and hopefully I’ll be meeting you soon.


I am curious to know when IOS is up and running as well. I am heading down that way as soon as I get a feel for business as usual. Or at least business. I’m bucking for an OS position. You live down that way Splash? I might need a doorstep to sleep on.


I live in Vrginia. I may be looking for a doorstep myself! If you find any nice ones let me know. haha. Im looking for a 100 ton captain position, so I feel your pain on trying to break in to the industry. I hope that by next week things are back up and running down there. Anyway good luck on your search and if I can help you out let me know.


Splash, try Crosby Tugs in Galliano, LA. @ 985 632-7575. They run over 40 inside push boats as well as 45 offshore tugs. After the storm they are scrambling to get people on the smaller boats. They won’t start you as Capt but if you can pull a wheel watch it’s 400-450 a day to start. Then upwards to 600+.


Cheng, Thanks, I have a friend who is a mate with Crosby Tugs. I’ll give them a ring monday morning.


Hello everyone I just got my oiler qmed endorsement and need to get to work does any one know where i can start also I have my bst’s for my stcw but the stcw cant be issued just with that from what the uscg told me i need to get to sea so i can get my assesment filled out for rfpew can any one help?


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Darren,<div>What is your oiler rating? FOWT?</div><div>Tengineer</div>


Capt_Anonymous sorry for the run on sentences but I was in a rush. What I was trying to say is that I am a new Qmed. I have an oiler endorsement for steam and motor. I have my BST’s but the coast guard will not issue me the STCW 95 Soley for BST’s they would not take my at sea watches from the navy because it was not signed by merchant marine officers which is confusing because they took my 3 years of sea time to allow me to test for QMED ratings. With that said I need to go to sea so that I can have the RFPEW signed off so that I may get the STCW RFPEW.<br>I live in Chesapeake, VA I was wondering can any one point me in the right direction.


[ul][]MEBA Hiring Hall[]Tug companies[]Gulf of Mexico companies[]Kelly Sweeney’s <a target="_blank" href="http://www.maritimeheadhunters.com]maritimeheadhunters.com[*]Find out where your local tug companies offices are, walk in and ask for a job. Have your bags packed and be ready to go[/ul]


Darren, I live just north of Yorktown, Va., I 'll give you a few tug company names and maybe they will be some help to you. Dann Marine Towing; Chesapeake City,MD.800-770-TUGS is the number I think. Norfolk Tugs, they are on South Main St. in Norfolk, not sure of a number. Vane Bros., they are in Baltimore not sure of a number. I know Vane and Dann Marine have websites, not sure about Norfolk Tugs. Anyway I hope this helps. If you are looking to go to the oil field look around on this forum there is alot of knowledge here on companys down there. Good Luck and Good Sailing!


Splash,<br>Thanks for the info I’ll let you know how it works out.