Crowley tanker mate pay (ships)

Anyone have a breakdown of the current Crowley tanker mate salaries??

3M: 95k
2M: 114k
CM: 146k
CAPT: 170k

Rough estimates from 2018

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Sounds about right

Is that base pay or with ot, etc.?

Those are nice numbers, I would get out of bed for that.

They don’t get overtime. That should be total annual salary including vacation pay and an approximation of what you should earn in holiday pay in a year.

Thanks for the clarification

Here’s the 2017 pay chart:


At this moment, I think 3rd Mate/AE is 97-98.

No officers from Crowley should be getting a stimulus check.

What’s the upward mobility like. Do they always start new people at 3m? Currently sailing 2m with cm license looking for a cm spot.

So you are looking to get promoted to CM in a new company? They would promote from within before they bring in someone else for a promotion. You should look at a 2/M spot and prove yourself to that company in that position before you think you deserve a promotion.

Yeah basically assumed that. Just wanted to know if advancement up the ranks is somewhat achievable or is it deadlocked right now

I would think Crowley has movement just because of the large number of ships they operate. Lots of people = lots of turnover

Large companies, if run right, won’t have large turnovers. Crowley has 114 US Flagged vessels (including barges). I would think in today’s outlook, most people whom are working with a decent company and great pay, would not be moving around. I actually have never heard of large turnover at Crowley.

Crowley operates what, 20 tankers? That’s 200 deck officers at a minimum. That’s 80 3/Ms. Theres turnover. People leave. People go to better jobs, pilots, higher paying tankers, whatever. Captains retire, that opens up 3 spots.

OSG only has 14 ships and the turnover there is rather high, and those are better paying jobs than Crowley.

Can’t speak for OSG Tankers, but a huge part of their turnover/layoffs was scrapping their 190k to 250k barrels and up barges and the tugs that handled them due to age requirements of the vessels by the customers. Crowley, Bouchard, and other players in that market counted on that, and did some nice newbuilds. Most are managed well, and little turnover,one with The “B” was not. Osg is acquiring good equipment through buyouts/mergers and newbuilds. Just completed a deal on the Alaska trade for 2 very nice ships. Crowley has done quite well taking care of the customers demands with their modern equipment as well.

The tanker and ATB fleet are OSG are completely separate entities. The ATBs are AMO and the tankers are non-union. Totally different pool of people and almost no crossover between them.

I would think Crowley is the same way, even though they’re all AMO.

Only Crowley ships are AMO. Their tugs are a mix between MM&P wheelhouse/ IBU everyone else and SIU top to bottom. Their ATB for is roughly half MM&P / IBU boats and half SIU boats.

Don’t disagree OSG ships and ATB’s are two different divisions.