Crowley tanker mate pay (ships)

If they are married filing jointly, and the spouse does not work it is possible to get a stimulus check. In this situation stimulus reductions start after $150,000.

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Not unhappy Crowley is union top to bottom, no matter who,almost.

ITOIL,Agree. good advice in this atmosphere.

My bad. Same thing applies though I’m sure - very little crossover between ATB and ship fleets.

Hey if you don’t mind me asking where did you get the chart from?

I done got and spent mine already.


How long does the crew stay on board before relief?

I don’t know. I could make a mildly educated guess but it would only be a guess.

Crowley tankers use a 75 days on/75 days off schedule. I know the west coast ATBs are 28/28, dont know if thats all of them.

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75/75 on the tankers, 28/28 or 45/45 for the ATBs

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They’re cheap on the rotations for the tankers. 75 is a bit long hitch for jones act work. Only ever worked on ATBs though.

I’m sure they could vote to change it in their contracts but obviously they like the rotation is my guess.

This is AMO we’re talking about… Contract changes that benefit the members? Seriously?

You represented by AMO?

Nope. I’m fighting for pennies on every contract negotiation due to AMO underbidding every contract that comes up. Why oh why the membership of the AMO puts up with that I’ll never know.

The race to the bottom continues…

Agreed. We would be better served if AMO did not exist.