Chouest v Rigdon

Any thoughts in this community regarding Rigdon? I’ve got job offers from both Chouest and Rigdon and I’m trying to decide. I’m pretty much thinking Chouest but just don’t know enough about the green pickle boats to make a best choice. I have noticed that there are little if any comments about Rigdon on this forum. I do know that Rigdon was just sold.<br><br>I’ve got several years of experience working in the oil patch but it has been a while, so I’m not looking for “what’s it like down there” info.<br><br>Thanks for any input!<br><br>Capt_Anonymous

There is no comparison to make.

Lee,<br><div>What does that mean? I know you work for EC but are you also a fanboy?</div>

I currently am on my second hitch at Rigdon and can sum up my experience in two word. Underwelmed,unimpressed. This is the second hitch that I’ve had to go down on deck and be a rigger as a mate because they pulled off a deckhand. I’m looking to get the hell out here myself. Capt.lee if you could drop me aline at so I could ask some advice I’d sure appreciate it. I’m in fourchon right now.

It seriously sucks to lose a member of your crew, but if after they pulled the deckie off your boat was still compliant with the manning requirements of the COI then you were lucky to enjoy having an extra hand aboard.<br><br>In my experience in the Gulf of Mexico most mates, including myself, were always on deck, rigging cargo, cleaning tanks, working lines, chipping, painting, side by side with the ABs and OSs. If that causes you grief, you’re likely to be disappointed anywhere you go to work in this industry.

Really? Because that’s not the story I’ve been hearing out here. If that’s the case then I shan’t whine anymore. But others have been telling me it’s messed up. Honestly my biggest beef is not getting trained in the wheelhouse.

Well, maybe things are different these days. I haven’t been down there for a while. It would indeed be messed up if they gave you an expectation that you’d be getting training you’re not getting. That would piss anyone off.

Mike22,<br> The last time I heard someone use the word fanboy I also found out that person was gay…anything else you wanna add to that comment?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. Just read the company profiles. Do you wanna work for less pay with less opprotunity in the gulf of mexico? (OR) Better pay with worldwide opprotunities with a company that has over 40 new vessels under construction that includes A5 ice breakers all the way down to East Coast LNG harbor tugs?<br><br>Doc,<br>Sorry about having beef at Rigdon. I had a lazy deckhand years ago that the federal authorities were looking for due to back child support. He was the kinda guy that you didn’t want to fire because of his situation, but he was useless as a deckhand. He would work, but you would have to break-it-down crayola style if you wanted it done right. I guess eventually he got his crap together becuase he is one of Rigdons top captains now. Maybe he can show you the ropes!!

<P align=justify>Mike22- Not that I mind bashing if it is the truth, but I thought that comment said it all. There is no comparison. I have been saying it for some time that Rigdon was going to build up then sell, but it’s not just that. Word gets around quick in the Gulf even if you don’t have an internet connection. You meet people and we are worse than old women when it comes to talking. I have met people that previously worked for the company and I have my own experience with their management. I have met captains that are running their boats in safety meetings and seen their equipment. Read their mission statement. Thoroughly read their entire website, press releases and BS articles written by pro-Larry Rigdon reporters and it was all BS. The benefits of working for Chouest go way beyond pay and benefits. If something is broke here it is going to get fixed. If there is a safety issue it is going to be resolved. There is structure, there are rules. You are a person here. Everything is not perfect, but to add a title Rigdon Vs Chouest is like a Light weight fighting the Heavy weight champion of the World. There is no comparison. <br><br>Did you really not get it or do you find me attractive and you’re just trolling for some action? </P>

Now I expected Lee to get defensive but I didn’t expect Anchorman to defend him! There’s a first for everything. Maybe he turned sweet on him?

<P>Mike22,<br> The only thing sweet in here is that glitter that you sprinkle on yourself before going to work at the hair salon. </P>

I will tell you like knotship told me. Please try to act like an officer Mike22.

Got a buddy dragging up from Rigdon…basically, lots of promises not a lot of follow through with <br><br>regards to training and advancement. Later

I find your meatloaf shallow and pedantic.

Despite the glitter and meatloaf, I was able to get a better feel for things. Thanks much.<br><br>CA

Noticed on the MSC site that Chouest has some boats under charter to MSC. How would a 3rd mate apply for a position on those vessels - through the Chouest HR directly? Thanks

<P>Chouest has several MSC contracted vessels and more on the way, in the form of contract options, specifically the OPDS vessels from what I hear. Apply directly with Edison Chouest and let human resource know your interest with the government contracts. The government contracts are a division within itself that includes MSC, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman (I believe we have contracts with all three) security clearance is needed on these vessels and some require a “super” secret clearance.<br><br>Sometimes you might get a job, but not one in the division that you want. It happens, but you can always transfer. Depends on how hungry you are.</P>