Chouest to Crew Change next week

My relief informed me today that we are to crew change next week. Upper Management made this decision to change out the entire crew for 28 days next week.

Normally I would have no problem returning to the vessel, but next week will be the worst time to return. We are being ordered to stay home. The last thing I want to do is travel to Louisiana, the second largest hot spot for Covid 19 in the country.

Anyone else think this is an insane idea? I’d rather spend another 3 or 4 weeks at home than risk it. Am I wrong here or does anyone else care if they have to travel to the hotspot during the worst of it?

It’s your health and your decision alone. I would think long and hard if I was in your position. If it was me I don’t think flying into Louisiana is a good idea not just yet maybe in a another 28 days. Company’s are going to do what’s best for them you have to do what’s best for you. Good luck, on the bright side unemployment benefits just got a bump and the oil field is about to crash again.

Maybe rent a car and drive down?


Worst timing ever. Inform the office that you’re started developing a dry cough and feeling short of breath.

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I bet your relief has a family too…probably wants to see them worse than you are afraid to travel to Louisiana…


I felt the same way flying to Seattle 2 weeks ago for CC. It’s a tough decision, but I’m glad to be on this side because I have a feeling the guys at home are going to be without a pay check for a while.


I’m in the same boat and I’m thinking hard on it. Sounds like you don’t want to do it.

I have 2 of the NP95 masks and latex gloves and will probably go for it. If reaction to flu is a predictive proxy, I should be fine. But on the other hand, NO is about the last place I’d want to be seriously ill.

Fly into Houston and drive. Bring a mask, Lysol spray, and latex gloves for gas pumps.

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Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands constantly and you’ll be fine. Really.

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How about your risk factors (age, underlying health conditions especially)? If I had those risk factors, no way I’d do it.

I had to make that same decision a few weeks ago. It was tough I am older and have exercise induced asthma (takes extreme running to trigger and rarely happens). After talking it over with two different doctors I made the trip from New Orleans to Charleston. The airports were empty and we only had 19 people on the flight. Crew members flying in from other places experienced the same thing.
I am on the other end now I have been on board for 3 weeks now getting ready to get off Monday. During that time we have been in the shipyard for a few days than out to sea. We are practicing social distancing but have several people join the crew since last crew change so I really don’t want to risk bringing anything home. I will be traveling by car home this time but will quarantine in the RV for my time off.
Only you can make that decision. I lost a old Army buddy today because of the virus so it is really hitting home.

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Spoke to my engineer this morning. He is 62 and will not be going back as he has to leave his airport, stop in Atlanta and then into N.O. said he is not taking the chance.

He thinks ECO may be doing this because Harvey is paying their people during their time off. Since our company will not pay people to sit at home, they will decide to CC everyone instead.

My relief lives in TX. Spoke to him too. Texas has a mandatory two week quarantine for anyone coming back. Then company wants us to self isolate for 2 weeks before returning. One of my second mates does not want to leave either as he dosent want to bring anything to his family. Seems there will be a lot of people not wanting to change out.


Planes are half full at most. Buy a bulkhead window seat or exit row seat. Mask and gloves and hand cleaner. Don’t eat. Googles would be good too.

Airports are nearly empty. Most flights are cancelled. More staff standing around than passengers.

If you leave home, you may not be able to safely return for months. This is a good time to homestead.

If you leave the boat, you probably shouldn’t go home without several weeks of self quarantine

A cook on one of our vessels said the crew is well but you still have vendors, repair people and inspectors coming and going from the foreign ports. Doesn’t think anyone is checking them.

Seems if they are all quarantined then they are safe for the most part, and we at home are safe. They also told us to quarantine ourselves 2 weeks prior to returning. But once people fly in and go to multiple airports or stop at a gas station or last minute wal mart shopping then all our 2 weeks of quarantine goes to hell.

I can be as safe as I can, but if one person in the carry all gets exposed while he was at the airport then everyone in the van is exposed in that drive from Galliano to Fourchon.

Seems there will be multiple vessels in the following 2 weeks which will have sick crewmen from exposure. Makes no sense.

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ECO has put a large part of their US fleet on the market for sale.
(Some vls. have been on offered for months w/o much interest from buyers to my knowledge)

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Harvey employees just received a letter of upcoming furloughs and paycuts so hopefully ECO isn’t basing their moves upon Harvey’s.

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I saw an article that said there have been some cases that where coronavirus took three weeks. Not just two weeks, to show after initial infection.

If you travel to someplace near home to self-quarantine, are you going to assume two weeks is enough before you go home or are you going quarantine for three weeks?

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So I just returned from the grocery store i’ve been at home for a while 2 weeks plus. While looking through the booze isle an ambulance pulls up and the guys in full ppe get out and collect a older gentleman from the checkout counter. My car is parked next to the ambulance so i overhear asking some history like how long have you been coughing while hooking him up. Thats how easy it is. Now do i go to work in a week like scheduled

I remember reading that 14 days is a practical number, not an absolute.