Afraid to Travel for Crew Change

I’m not feeling all that Confident about Flying to NY, New Orleans or Houston, that are some of the Biggest Hot Spots in the country to get on a Boat , Has anyone crew changed lately at these places, Maybe drove ? was there any hotels open. I’m just trying to get a picture of the hell I’m in for. Thanks.

I flew into New Orleans via Miami on Monday/Tuesday. Very few pasengers, about half the people using masks. Maybe more :frowning:

Use Hotwire and you will find an open hotel. I am currently holed up in an extended stay place in Baton Rouge.

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Miami to New Yoprk might be different


That’s what i was afraid of, When they stopped a lot of flights.

I have through New Orleans. Wear a mask and don’t touch your face. If you need to adjust or remove the mask use sanitizer or wash your hands before you touch it. Bring food because they don’t have much at the airports and squat on the planes. Don’t be afraid, be smart and you’ll be fine. And make sure to inject some bleach into your arm before you travel.

Side note-I tried to sneak some peanut butter through security and they confiscated that.


yea, they no doubt assumed it was C-4 !!

Women offshore did a podcast last week on this:

Apart from the information in that a few companies are mailing ppe kits with gloves, n95 masks, hand sanitizer, snacks, etc out before the crew change.

If you don’t have those I’d bring a few pairs of gloves, soap, and a cloth mask with a hepa filter lining.

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Ok Thanks. I did manage to get some Mask and Gloves. I just hate the fact of going into New Orleans, But i guess Truckers do it every day.