How long till the oil field workers

Show up and start taking all the boat jobs were There is nothing left for even an OS?

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I’m wondering how long the ports will allow even American mariners to crew change? I’m American, working on a foreign flag vessel in the GOM and our reliefs were turned around at the heliport yesterday. They have declared no more crew changes for the entire company worldwide til (at least) mid April. WOW!


This is my concern as I got off a week and a half ago, what company ?

A lot of companies have followed suit. Crowley Maritime has canceled crew changes till April 7 but I suspect that will be pushed back.

The heliports are doing a good job for those flying offshore, but if one case gets offshore and wreaks havoc on a rig, I’m curious on what BSEE will mandate on the OCS.

Oh my God. I feel for you. That was my scare right up until I boarded my plane home. I just about kissed the ground when I got home.

Every time I checked the news my head spun with the nightmare of not getting home. Do you have everything you need? Will they make sure mariners can get prescriptions, etc?

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I was lucky and got off after only a week late. But I am American and didn’t have any travel restrictions. Now just worried about not being able to go back to work for who knows how long. I’d really rather be working than home right now. No point in being home if I can’t do anything anyway.

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