Chief engineer salaries

Hi guys I’m new here I’m wondering to know how much is the chief engineer salary in us flag tanker vessels. And if somebody is able to breakdown the salary meaning , let’s say basic wages + what bonus etc etc . thanks in advance

When compared to “take home” pay, and standard of living, probably not as much as yours.

Too many variables to make a comparison. Gross salary is meaningless on an international basis. Net salary and country of origin benefits are all that counts.


Hit the search icon with topic “salary” on this forum as per attached pic and study all relevant posts.

They will not tell You, finding all kinds of vague explanations laced with economic jargon. Hope it will help in your enquiry.



Thanks a lot for your response , just I’m wondering if its worthy to follow up and prepare my MMC and plan to work in US .

As I see many people has difficulty to obtain foreign license and certificates in MMC , is that true

Depends entirely on your situation. If you want to sail as a Chief Engineer on a US Flagged tanker you are going to need a US license (MMC), for which you will need to be a US Citizen. If you are, and you have the appropriate qualifications, sea-time, etc, you’ll still need to meet all of the STCW requirements through courses approved by the USCG, regardless of whether you previously met the STCW requirements through foreign courses.

Actually I’m a dual citizen USA / Greek , and I’m currently working overseas as chief engineer on a foreign flag vessels.

As I read in this forum I have to start again from the scratch my career , because uscg will not accept my license and my certificates even if it is stcw approved and even from whitelist flag .

Does anyone has experience to share with me what I have to do .

In that case then the the best and most accurate answer/guidance is likely this one (click the link for the full info):

There are some hoops to jump through, but you would not be starting from scratch.

Regarding pay, there are only a couple companies operating US Flag tankers, so not sure if you’ll get a reply from anyone who works for one. For reference though, if you wanted to work verrrrrry long trips with little to no time off, the posted C/E salary for a Military Sealift Command tanker is $223,408 as of July 2021 (last page). Though while they occasionally post for 1st A/E jobs I don’t believe they ever hire C/E directly from outside the organization.

Probably $175k a year.

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I already read the attached topic before that’s why I’m asking for , let’s say something new ,

Actually as I see the salaries is much higher than this that I know in rest world industry .

From scratch, I mean that going to be a very big return back from chief engineer to oiler or i don’t know what they will credit from all of my certificates .

I’m wondering and I’m planning to request for help from an consultant that he knows better .

Give us some more info buddy. where…when … who…

This is not only for me is for everyone inside here. We have to be well informed for the industry in order to avoid industry play with us .

You asked for Chief Engineer salary on a US Tanker. That’s what that is. OSG, give or take.

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I heard you can maintain a US license with foreign training but you cant upgrade a license?

You can’t do either.

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I’m glad for all the above .

American way , yes why note

Also I use to grow up partly in the famous Astoria New York back then when it was a small Greek village… I know very well where is and what is the Great New York .

Again in the other hand my genes as you say , is back to ages when the Menelaus and Agamemnon pass from my island to take war ships to march for Troy .

Trust me I know but as you can see the things , I try to find some help with my way .

Do you have any hint to help me out with the process …?

Thanks a lot in advance .

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Mr jdcavo as I read in this forum you’re the one that can point me what I have to do . Please let me know,…

You shouldn’t have to go back to oiler and all your sea time will count. You just need to retake all your STCW classes. I think you also have to do the assessments as published by the USCG but I’m not sure if those have to be signed off by an American mariner or not.

Good to hear something like that . So as I see my sea service will be count , the only think that I have to do is to take exams for my chief license under uscg… plus redo my stcw certificates in us .

Pretty much. USCG exams, STCW classes and any assessments that aren’t covered in those classes.