Chief engineer salaries

Thanks a lot for your time and your guidance , I’m looking forward to hire a consultant to complete the process more efficiently.

I already sent some email s to them and I’m waiting.

You can use all of your foreign seatime toward a US license.

One of my former chiefs was a dual national , Polish/USA. He had unlimited chief foreign CoC and CeCs. The USCG gave him 1st AE. He had to sail on that before he got a US chief unlimited license. At least that’s how I recall his story.

I’ve sailed with a lot of foreign origin guys over the years that became US citizens and obtained US licenses. It’s doable.

As far as the expensive US STCW courses and requirements go, you might want to start out on vessels that don’t require STCW: Great Lakes ships, “Inland” ferries, dredges, Fishing vessels, and most tugboats.

Thanks a lot for your reply ,
I’m collecting also some info from consultants all over the country in order to know how I have to deal with .