Chief engineer job

Hi everyone, Can someone recommend Good company for chief engineer rank. If possible in Norway or other area. I am living in Ukraine, with Ukrainian COC. thanks.

Have you contacted crewing agencies? What languages are you fluent in?

Try this company:
They prefer Russian and Ukrainian crews.

Or any of these:

One more here:
Höegh LNG
Oslo, Norway
Our office Preferred nationalities: American, British, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Swedish. (In alphabetical order)

Yes, i did. still waiting. mean while searching other places too. I speak Russian and English.

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Thanks so much. will send CV to them now.

Beware of identity theft.

The last thing you want to do is send out CVs, or enter your personal information into unknown websites, until you are sure you are dealing with people who are legitimate employers or employers representatives.

Legitimate employers and recruiters do not come onto Mariner forums like gcaptain trying to promote their websites for free. Nor do they come onto Mariner forums presuming to teach mariners about basic things like EPIRBS.

I would not even consider looking at that fool’s website which might infect your computer with malware. I sure as hell would not enter any personal information on it.

However, you can trust info given out by long time members of this forum, like Ombugge.

NEVER pay or send any money to people claiming that they can find you a job.


Well I was on the sites, no malwares. I don’t understand what exactly you mean. I actually request for direct contacts not just a website.

Perhaps we have a language and culture barrier.

If I were in your shoes, I’d focus on the legitimate recruiters and employers suggested by Ombugge, and your fellow Ukrainian mariners.

There are many Ukrainian recruiters, but as an American, I don’t know anything about them.