BST Refresher Course

I haven’t had a valid STCW since 2011 & the last 5 day BST I took was in 2001. Anyone know if the BST refresher class is okay for applying for a new STCW?

Last winter I went thru the steps to Qualify myself for an updated STCW cert. All done … for me. Some of the CFR’s are different depending on your license, but concerning the firefighting, I took the 5 day BST and also the advanced firefighting. Since I took both classes at the same school and in the same month … They gave me a good deal $$$. It was also the same place I got my original certificates and I am familiar with the school and the instructors.

India Tengo / Freemont Maritime is the group, most fun, best instructors, reasonable sized classes. All the instructors are either retired coast guard or active local firefighters from the area.

Good Luck