STCW refresher classes on weekends in USA

Hi folks- I need to get the following:

2-day STCW VI/3 advanced fire-fighting refresher

2-day STCW BT refresher

anyone know of a certified training provider in the USA who holds these courses on weekends?


NMC has a list on their website of USCG approved schools for things like that. Take a look there.

That’s not going to tell you who gives the course on weekends, it doesn’t include schedules.

If you need advanced firefighting, and need a BT REFRESHER course (not a revalidation course), and aren’t an engineer, you probably also need a proficiency in survival refresher course.

I’d like to see a few schools start doing a “COMPREHENSIVE REVALIDATION” course to include:
BT, Adv. Fire, PSC/Lifeboat, and whatever else needs to be Revalidated every five years. It should be no more than a 5 day course, for no more than $1,000.

There are no PSC revalidation courses, they are not needed. If you are able to use revalidate, you don’t need anything else for PSC. It’s covered by the drills in your one year of service, and the BT revalidatiopn course. It’s only those who don’t have one year of service, and thus are not getting sufficient shipboard drills, that need to a course specific for PSC.

If there are no weekend refresher courses, it’s a missed opportunity. Those courses are for inactive mariners who probably have a shore job that keeps them bust during the week. But, many in that situation may have elected to not renew their STCW, so maybe the demand is not that great.