Bolton Says Iranian Mines Likely Caused UAE Tanker Blasts

“almost certainly from Iran”. This has a familiar ring. As in “almost certain” about WMDs so let’s attack.

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Or that “almost certain yellowcake uranium” or “almost certain aluminum tubes for producing yellowcake”.

Is anyone surprised?

I am not at liberty to provide details, but having observed the gentleman in question at closer range than I care to remember, my advice is this: If he says the sky is “almost certainly” blue, look outside and make sure.

Oh, and for the record, it was not aluminum tubes for producing yellowcake, it was aluminum tubes which are a critical component in enrichment centrifuges.




Oh Lord they are trying so hard. Next: the mines had a picture of John McCain on them

Bolton better update that CV. He’s the next one getting the boot

Speaking of McCain:

I don’t know who is more pathetic and disgusting, the Cheeto and his sycophants or the Navy for going along with their frightened little child like bullying.


Then it is even more disgusting and an insult to the dead sailors. It is an obscenity.

I wish people would stop trying to cover for this corrupt and incompetent administration.


Tonight here on television Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9. Any good?

Depends on your definition of “good”

You are sharp, let’s rephrase it then. Is it a waste of the almost three hours that it takes or is it time well spent.

Time well spent if you think you’d enjoy watching a self inflated bloviating bag of malodorous gases spewing forth his pet theories, by all means.


It’s almost as if smedley butler was onto something.

That sounds like a Trump rally to me.


Good call. For those who don’t know who the most decorated marine in US history is:

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That was one hell of a speech and I tend to agree with his vision.

Enough about Michael Moore. What do you think about the president?


Same same captain, except he dresses better.

is that a typo or is that what it’s called in Europe? Are the terrorist attacks of 2001 referred to as the 11-9 attacks over there due to the day/month vs. month/day convention used here in the US?


Europe has nothing to do with it, this time…:wink: This is a 2018 continuation of the 2003 Fahrenheit 9/11.

The film’s title relies on U.S. date notation to refer to November 9, when Trump’s 2016 presidential win was announced (the election took place the day prior).

ah ok…that’s something different…I know he had a movie called fahrenheit 9-11:

and I thought that’s what you were talking about except maybe they rearranged the date to the European format (which I found to be funny if they did that)