Bluewater Cat - Westport 112

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing this one. All I can picture is Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack…

A perfect example of a “captain” working in a profession but who is clearly not a professional.

The video is a timelapse and I don’t have the other videos but I’ve seen the damage to the docks. The water depth at the end of the small dock on the right is a minimum 6’ depth, probably more due to the elevated tides from the approaching Hurricane Nate.

Florida Wildlife officers caught up to him, so know it’s up to the owner of the Westport…or the lawyers.

I know those guys. She’s underway. The area doesn’t look congested at all. No little kids swimming by the dock. No small vessel tied up. Try NY Harbor anytime or downtown Miami on July 4. Then you’ll have traffic.

It’s a shame you didn’t video their sport fish doing 44 knots. That’s something to see.

That’s how I usually enter the Halliburton slip in Fourchon.