Ship stuck in b slip

How bout this little ship stuck in B slip? They have harbor patrol trying to push it dockside instead of making them have a harbor tug in port…

Sounds like they are going to let a crew boat push on it now!

This is going to become a madhouse with the fleet expansions and size of vessel increase in Fourchon…

Gary always gets what he wants. He got his Fourchon Freeway he will have his entire port dredged out. I still believe our tolls go straight to his bank account.

This is going to become a madhouse with the fleet expansions and size of vessel increase in Fourchon…[/QUOTE]

Yes, Fourchon is having its growing pains. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a two year absence from the place, but have been working out of there recently. The number of larger boats, and now small ships, are increasing in numbers and only making the traffic CFs worse.

One problem is that all the big boat traffic is all the way in the back of the port. This makes all the normal choke points even worse. First step should be getting the jack ups out of flotation and Halliburton. Next, what happened to the days of limiting the number of vessels breasted up? It’s nothing to see them 5 deep now in front of C Port 1 or in B slip, heck they have been that wide on the public pilings across from A slip( when combined with the jackup and newer 200’ crew boats sterned up leads to a nasty choke in floatation).

Lately Fourchon seems to be more courteous than in years past, but it’s only a matter of time

Be safe!

But back to my original intention of the post…it was funny as hell watching harbor police try to dock that ship in their chase boat.

With all the tugs tied up in port they should make any boat that requires police escort and shutting down the harbor also have a standby tug. The traffic was a mess out there because they shut down b slip and then couldn’t make the dock. Of course it coincided with a squall, rain, lightening, and winds…glad I was tied up.

Was a nasty traffic jam in Halliburton as that damn thing left B slip for heavy lift this morning. Thing is its not even a big vsl.

Awesome photo!! A tiny patrol boat assisting a ship to the dock…Priceless.