HOS COMMANDER entering Port Fourchon




Let the criticism begin.

She’s big but I would really have thought Halter would have come up with a more modern looking cabin

I am sorry but that is an ugly boat.

She looks 20 years old from the cabin up.

All the money she is going to make for HOS sure will be pretty though!

It looks real funny sitting here with no lights on

50 foot high cargo rails and the monitor still sticks up over the top. Wonder how long til some kamikaze crane operator snaps it off the stern. Instead if that giant life boat they should’ve used that space to add staterooms. This monstrosity only sleeps like 24. The halter design team should quit looking at pics if old vessels they’ve built. Maybe they should flip through Workboat or something and see what new designs are out there. It’s not sexy like the other new boats but it will definitely make a lot of money which keeps my check coming in.

Renaissance just pulled in

Monitors fold down and the life boat are required for a vessel that size. The 310s are just under whatever the requirements are (but not by much)

Hideous. What’s the deal with the monitors being way back there?

God, It almost looks like one of the old State boats.

Any know why Hornbeck went with Cat 3516s and not 3608s for mains? seems a little underpowered for a 320’

photo of HOS RENAISSANCE in Fourchon this morning:

Where else would you put the monitors? The fly bridge? It would be limited by the mast, satellite domes and antennas. At least being on the stern would keep the house that much farther away. They also fold down below the rail so they won’t get knocked off. As for the hull, the “North Sea” hulls are cool looking, but how practical are they? Let’s face it, the Gulf would shut down long before the conditions reached the conditions the guys in the North Sea face. The Halter boats are a tried and true design, great for the GoM, so why change it up a bunch? Come Wednesday, I’ll see how it DPs, how loud it is and all that other jazz. She’s built to be a work horse though, the headache racks are 12’ tall and they can stack pipe all the way to the top. The bridge has great visibility and is a pretty good size. The room sizes were definitely not addressed, but overall I’m happy with the boat.



Costs money to bend steel, built cheap and fast with a framing square in hand.

HOS Red Rock




good video:http://scottpittman.net/blog/hos-red-rock-video/

Stacks in the cargo rails? Wow, old school. . . .

Hornbeck seems to love gulf stacks.

As long as I don’t have to be working on deck, they’re fine. Gotta think the fumes are pretty strong. Even the old gulf stacks were higher. Beautiful visibility from the bridge though.

I like it/them. The stacks are fine.