HOS 320 Class

HOS Commander has been launched last week at the Halter Shipyard, this is the first one of this class, Super Max 320.

She is a beauty .

Still not as sexy as my boat!

You are right, I do like the Tiger Sharks better.

Haha I would gladly work on either class!

I was more impressed with the pink portalet.

Patty Potties nothing but the best for us. Hope we get out of here before the heat of the summer sets in. Between that and the paper mill right next door it will be ripe. Almost as bad as being near the pogie plant in Cameron.

. . . And that IS bad! The general cargo docks in Milwaukee, WI are immediately next door to the city sewage plant- what a stink after heavy rain. Cameron is slightly worse, though.

Whoops, just read the city of Milwaukee has discharged 594 million gallons of sewage/storm runoff in the past few days. A pogie plant is still worse.

I like the look of STX design, but I know the Halter 320’s will ride much better. The Tiger class vessels ride like they look “top heavy” , from what I have been told from those that work on them. Regarding the 320’s, they should have upgraded the accommodations on it. It’s basically the same as the Coral, 24 berths, which could be way more spacious. The rooms are small, especially the officers. Hopefully the galley will be upgraded too.

“hosmax” 320

Yeah I’m a little surprised the house wasn’t tweaked somewhat. Such a large boat only sleeps 24. The tiger sharks sleep 50. The last two 310 construction vessels will sleep 75. At least they will have a dedicated room to be used as a gym. I’m walking around the Red Dawn and the only place I see is what little floor area is left in the lounge.

Yeah, the hospital space on the Coral is what we use as the gym. It has a head in there also. It is port side just forward of the officers lounge on the 02 Deck. It’s not a bad space for treadmill a spin bike and a weight bench.
I would love some pics of the wheelhouse if you could post them. I had been told the wheelhouse was going to be bumped out on the 320’s. but the floor plan I saw from the designers looked about the same. Originally the Coral was to have North Sea stacks, as Sea Mar designed it. But Hornbeck put gulf stacks instead, so the wheelhouse is squeezed together a little.Some pics would be great!

Interior and exterior of the Red Dawn wheelhouse would be awesome if you could provide them.

Here ya go!

Thanks! Do you know anyone that could get pics of the Commander’s wheelhouse? Is it even on yet??? I’d like to see the difference between that and the Coral. There is one profile picture we have of the new design on the Coral that was given to us for preliminary changes, but nothing else. The actual photos would be great if someone has access or is working on it.

Man that boat is sick! Definitely going to book a later flight after my hitch is over, so I can swing by the HOS personnel office and see if they are hiring. Didn’t bring my interview clothes, but f-ck it!

Very cool. Pretty much coincides with signs like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ex7aHfhR6k

Exciting times are indeed coming.

Is there anyone that works on the HOS Commander on gCaptain that could post some pics.? Especially of the wheelhouse. Curious how it differs from the Coral’s…

I think the crew has another week before they are to report to Halter. I’m not sure if any of them are regulars around here.