BLU Code (IMO)

Hi I’m currently writing my undergraduate dissertation on the IMSBC-code, more specifically the BLU-code. I was wondering if any one here have any experience with these new codes? And if so what is your impression of it? I’ve heard from numerous sources that this code was released prematurely, and that many ports have denied to start using it, although it is mandatory as from January 2011.

Interesting question. The BLU Code is not new, but I presume you’re referring to the upcoming amendments from MSC.304(87), which largely incorporate the IMSBC code. Not sure about how the IMSBC is being received. Since it will be in force on January 1, 2011, it can be enforced by any port state, so all bulk carriers should be in compliance or risk detention. You may want to survey the technical departments of bulk carrier operators to see how they are implementing the code and what they think of it. If they are unhappy, I’m sure they would love to share their comments.