Imo 2020

P&I Club Guard has issued Guidance of Compliance to remind everybody of the early implementation of the 0.5% sulphur ruling in China, HK and Taiwan:,operators-need-to-exercise-extra-caution-on-fuel-use-in-asian-waters_56763.htm

Another timely warning to shipowners in law news:

It is not only sufficient supply of low sulphur fuel that MAY become a problem but that of suitable luboils to go with it:

With all due respect ECA’s have been in place for a good number of years now necessitating the use of lower TBN cylinder oils. When I was involved building ships 10 years ago there were discussions on splitting the cylinder oil day tank to hold different TBN oils.

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IMO 2020 is looming large, but a lot of ships will not be ready to comply by 1.Jan. 2020: