New STCW time line

Does anybody know when the new STCW will go into effect??? any changes right after the first fo the year?? I am putting in an application for 3rd unlimited in march and want to know if any of the requirements are changing.

would it be better to put in the app now and ask for an extension on time to furfill the requirements??

I don’t think there is much in the 95 implementation that will affect 3rd mates except if issued with a tonnage restriction it would be no less than 2000 tons (GRT, ITC not sure which).

Haven’t seen the Manila amendments yet.

I have no idea when the 95 will suddenly seem like a good idea and be implemented. I’m headed for my 3rd next summer so I am certainly interested since I will have a tonnage restriction and the sooner the better for me.

Just an educated guess, but I believe there will be a supplemental notice of proposed rule making sometimes this spring - that will include the 2010 STCW amendments and changes to the implementation of STCW 95.
USCG may make an effort to meet the Jan.1,2012 deadline for a combined final rule, since STCW 2010 amendments are to be implemented on that date anyway. After all, that was one of the excuses the Coast Guard used in the revised approach.
I see this as being overly ambitious for the Coast Guard, but you never know - the mariner is hanging in the balance as usual.

Anyone have any updates or insights on implementation of STCW 2010, I haven’t seen any new information lately and have spent a lot of time trying to find anything. What was a very hot topic here for a while has cooled off now, is there another thread I’m missing? We’re almost half way through 2010, and expect we should be getting closer to these changes?

I haven’t spent the time on gCaptain I like, been too sidetracked, Have I missed anything?

There is a 5 year implementation period for the 2010 amendments. The Coast Guard hasn’t said what they are going to do with that flexibility, but industry and the USCG generally coordinates efforts which is a slow process, not to mention the proposal of rule change process. So, being half way through 2010 doesn’t amount to much.

And we are in 2011, according to my calendar :slight_smile:

And 2010 doesn’t start till 2012 in IMO’s calendar.