NMC website is updated with new check lists

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, new checklists, new format. I hope Mr jdcavo is ready.


I was just so happen to be looking at them and came to gCaptain to post about it. Can they make it anymore confusing??? It is getting almost impossible to understand. I’m thinking about getting with someone like Holly Chetta just so she can explain to me my path forward in the future. It also looks like they are saying competencies must be completed from nvic xx-14 that hasn’t even been published yet. I could keep going on.

I recently upgraded and they issued me the right stcw codes but in the limitations below the stcw page they wrote out old limitations that seem to no longer apply to stcw but only to national endorsements. I tested this month and these changes should have been implemented for any date after Christmas Eve of last year?

x2 about Holly Chetta. I use her for every upgrade because she is well worth the money spent. I get way too frustrated while I’m trying to explain what’s already in black and white to someone on the other end of 1-888-IASKNMC.

[QUOTE=TSCOTT;134075]Not sure if this has already been mentioned, new checklists, new format… [/QUOTE]

Unless you just got the first day of sea time for your next upgrade on Monday (March 24), you don’t need these checklists until 2017 (for STCW) or 2019 (for national endorsements). Anyone who began service for their endorsement before March 24, 2014 is grandfathered and may be evaluated under the old rules. In almost every instance, the old rules are more favorable. Grandfathering ends March 24, 2019 for national endorsements and January 1, 2017 for STCW endorsements.

What confuses me is, why do they separate the tonnage/sea time requirements per licence from the STCW training endorsements required per licence into two different checklist? Why aren’t the the training requirements and tonnage/sea time requirements together?

Where do you find the old checklists?

I have a question for jdcavo.

I would like to upgrade and test for 1st assistant unlimited motor this fall. I upgraded to 2nd assistant this Jan. Under the old rules I would need to wait till I had 360 days while holding the 2nd assistant, under the new rules I can used CE limited oceans time for the upgrade which I have plenty of. For the new rules does the sea time used for the upgrade have to be after 3-14? Also in the old checklist it showed that testing for 1st assistant after 2003 exempted you from having to test for CE, you just needed to accumulate the required sea time sailing as a 1st assistant then you were eligible to upgrade, is this still the case?