STCW License upgrade before 2017 but email rejected?

Hey everyone,

I am having a issue with the NMC. Does anyone else have a similar problem or any advice.

I sent a application for an upgrade (3rd Assitant Engineer and DDE unlimited) by regular mail from overseas in September 2016, unfortunately it never arrived.

Mid December I applied via email but a bit later I got a email that the attachments were too big so their inbox rejected my email. I did not see that until January, 02 2017 when I reapplied immediately after I got internet again.

Unfortunately since 2017 the regulations for an STCW endorsement changed so they issued me the upgrade but they denied me the endorsement.

So my question is do you guys know any way around this to now get my STCW endorsement?

Thanks a lot for any input
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Maybe if you could prove you attempted to apply previously but we’re at sea so couldn’t check email often someone will take pity on you. It’s very likely not going to work and you’ll have to meet the new requirements.

thank you for the quick answer. I figured this is a long shot but I was hoping someone might say there is a 2 day grace period because of new years celebrations :wink:

I don’t understand. Didn’t Jan 2017 occur almost a year and a half ago? Do you still owe taxes from the '90s?

Why are you asking 15 months later?

To be honest I didn’t know it would be this many and so expensive courses to get the STCW endorsement.
Now I want to work on a foreign flag boat and they of course require the endorsement. Well now I know for next time to pay more attention to new rules coming up.

I consider anything coming down the pipe that might prevent me from working and providing for my family to be a priority. The new STCW requirements caused me to renew a year early just so I wouldn’t have to go to class. This site and forum has definitely been very helpful over the years staying ahead of he curve. Best of luck to you.

What are you working on now that it’s not required?

You applied at the last minute before the deadline. Was that just a coincidence? Had you pursued this immediately,i.e. within 30 days of being told you were too late you might have recourse. But that’s far less likely 15 months later.

I work on privately owned pleasure vessels and trying to make the jump into the commercial world.

Yes actually applying around that time was pretty much coincidence because I finally had enough seatime to upgrade. Well like DamnYankee said I hope this forum will help me read about new regulations so I can stay ahead of the curve from now on too.

So hopefully see you all soon out there.

To be fair, he allegedly mailed a paper application first, then sent an email application both before the deadline. He wasn’t waiting until the last minute intentionally.

Your “National License” as 3AE and DDE is all you need for many jobs. You do not need STCW for vessels under 200 GRT. Nor do you need STCW for fishing vessels, Inland vessels, or vessels on the Great Lakes of any size. Such vessels provide most of the job opportunities for a 3AE / DDE.

I do not happen know what the USCG requires for US yachts over 200 GRT on waters beyond the COLREGS boundary line.

You can find work without STCW, and take the classes later to open up other opportunities.

He was issued the upgrade. Just needs to take his classes.

He wasn’t issued the STCW endorsement, and you’re entirely missing the issue. If the NMC had received the complete application before January 1, 2017, he wouldn’t have to “take his classes.” He’s hoping for some reprieve from needing the courses.

Yes I realize that. Tugsailor was saying to get the national endorsement first. I was just pointing out that he said he already had that.

Good morning everyone,

sorry for the late replies. Work keeps one busy until late.

I do have the 3 AE with a 4000 HP limitation and the DDE Unlimited already. And of course I know, that I have to take the STCW classes sooner or later, but right now I just can’t. Also I can’t take a job on a foreign flag vessel, which I was aiming for.

So my next plan is apply for 2nd A/E and when do the STCW courses in the the october november area. Can anyone recommend a good school for them? I d prefer classes where they teach you something more even after they are done with the with the sylabus instead of sending you to very long coffee breaks.

As always thank you so much for your input. You guys are awesome. I learned a lot here.