BBC 'Drunk Royal Navy sailors arrested on Florida shore leave'

‘Drunk Royal Navy sailors arrested on Florida shore leave’

The sailors, on shore leave, began fighting and urinating in public, according to local newspaper reports.

Imagine that! Sailors being sailors.

In the good old days the cops would have just taken them back to the ship, and said “see you next time.”


Jolly Jack ashore, who’d have thought it.
At least they can get ashore the lucky sods.
Sterling is a bit rubbish for hookers though.

You mean they don’t accept credit cards in Miami??

Unless it’s an online transaction 350 miles is a bit of a stretch even for a matelot.

You mean to tell me there are more than one port in Florida??

Credit cards get all sticky when you swipe them.



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Since you brought it up, yes. As a matter for fact, according to the World Maritime News, the cargo tonnage in and out of the little state of Florida’s 11 major ports in 2016 (the latest stats available) was 107.4 million tons.

That compares very favorably with the entire nation of Norway which reported to Eurostat (the EU folks who track such things) a grand total of 177.1 million tons in and out in the same year.

Let me know if you need any other facts about the world you don’t know much about.


I wonder if Norway has better working girls then Florida though?

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They probably don’t need them as much:

But there might be enough to help warm up the economy:

Working Women a Boon for Norwegian Economy

Yes they are. Apparently they make an enormous contribution to the Norwegian economy:

Did you know that according to the Norwegian Penal Code, selling sexual services is legal. However, it is illegal for Norwegian citizens/people living in Norway to buy sexual services, whether in Norway or overseas. Buying sexual services is punishable with a fine and up to one year in prison.

As a foreigner you should be OK though.

I’m impressed. Ports in Norway with a population of 5.3 Mill. and little transshipment handles much more cargo than those of Florida, with 21.3 mill. people and lots of transshipment to the Caribbean and Central America. I didn’t know that.

PS> How come you managed to turn this thread about drunken British sailors into a pissing match about Norway??

It is something that just seems to follow you … like the aroma of lutefisk, or durian maybe.

Rum, sodomy, and the lash are old RN traditions!

Ah yes, Roger the cook and Seaman Staines, those were the days.

Florida police ‘use Taser on drunk and disorderly Royal Navy sailors’ on shore leave from £3bn warship

Maintaining the finest traditions of the Senior Service.:anchor:
Splice the mainbrace!:tumbler_glass:

In another age I found that Norway was too full of enthusiastic amateurs for a professional girl to get a look in.

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They probably still are, but we have got too old to find out for ourselves, both of us.

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