What to do with drunken sailors?

Drunken Russian fishermen went on a “rampage” in Kirkenes:

Ironic, its Putin thats acting like a nazi these days, he certainly learnt from them.

I was always wary of drunk Russian sailors. Second place went to US oil workers on ships.


The story was about drunken sailors (fishermen) doing stupid stunts in a foreign port.

These had the good sense to apologize, pay their find and leave for the next port.
Whether they learnt their lesson and don’t do anything stupid on future port visits we will never know.
What is your experience??

PS> When Vodka goes in lessons learnt tend to go out.


Australian Navy are the worst, I notice in oz and around they world they are banned from docking in many places.
Many stories in OZ where the local police have forced them back on board at gunpoint and told them to leave the dock, (when they are at public docks).

Depends on if it’s early in the morning!

Standard choices are listed below irrespective of the regulations or company policy

Shave his belly with a rusty razor
Put him in a long boat till his sober
Stick him in a scupper with a hosepipe bottom
Put him in the bed with the captains daughter