Drunks Operating

So I was let go. Because I reported. That somebody was drinking. And operating A vessel. They said I opened A can of worms. There sending me my check… This is not rite. They didn’t do any screen. Or any kind of test.

I saw some people drinking last night … almost everyone in the bar was drinking something.


Sometimes it’s not just about boat handling, having the skill of knowing how not to get fired is valuable. Next time check to see which way the wind is blowing before you make your move.


What kind of vessel?

this thread can turn out to be a can of worms in itself.


Judging by spelling in the OP, I’m not sure if maybe someone else was drinking too.


I wish we could drink out here. Maybe smoke some weed too.

Now I don’t think we want someone totally hammered driving the boat but truthfully if they were a little buzzed I seriously wouldn’t care.

I look at it this way. Texas A&M did a study that showed texting and driving was TWICE as dangerous as drunk driving. Yet how many of you have seen boat captains on the phone while maneuvering? I see it all the time and nobody bats an eye.

I don’t know man. I know it’s more dangerous but with all the safety scrap nowadays I sort of just don’t care anymore. I’m sick and tired of the safe lifestyle we all lead and want some freedoms back. Freedom to smoke and drink and fish and not have the office looking at us with cameras 24/7. It’s insane.

Sucks that you got fired for doing what they probably told you to do, which is report that sorta thing, but that’s a valuable lesson. The office always lies.


I’ve come to the conclusion that when things aren’t right don’t report it, just pay off. Trying to change a bad ship into a good ship is like changing lead into gold. Let the fucked up folks accumulate on that ship so the good folks can accumulate somewhere else.


I appreciate your insight DeckApe and I think it generally happens that way too.

My brother-in-law invited me to visit his ship when I was in Halifax and he was Commander of a Royal Canadian Navy warship. The last stop on the tour was at the wood paneled officers’ bar where stewards in white jackets served us cocktails before dinner. The enlisted men had their own bar where they could also relax when off-duty. Very civilized.

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Reputations get around. There are whole pages on social media where people discuss good vs bad ships. Best to just leave and let them struggle to find good people. Also consider anonymous reporting to port state authorities if the actions or conditions justify it. But have your exit plan before all hell breaks loose.

Since US is not a member of any of the MOUs and the USCG’s PSC is for foreign flag vessels visiting US ports:
how does it help to report deficiencies on a US flag vessel to PSC in USA??

Because the USCG is PSC in the US and they have enforcement authority over all US flag vessels…

As capt Phoenix said. It is the flag state. One with actual enforcement abilities and they take alcohol and drugs very seriously

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Yes i know that USCG is the Maritime authority for all US flag vessels, but their PSC is stated to be for control of FOREIGN ships visiting US ports and totally disconnected from the international network of PSC through MOUs.

Are we mixing up functions here??
National control of vessels under own flag and PSC is two different things in IMO terms.

They are talking about reporting an immediate safety issue to the organization with the authority to board the ship and do something about it. The CG has a great deal of law enforcement authority over any and all on navigable waters. The IMO does not have a dog in this fight … it doesn’t even have any dogs.

US Coast Guard may be “The Dog” in USA, but without being part of any international MOU organization they are also limited in the big scope of things.
WHY are USA so afraid of cooperating on a worldwide basis??

No, just not using the terms exactly correctly. Saying “contact PSC” in the US means contact the local USCG. As far as I know there is no special “port state control” phone number or anything, and really I don’t think they delineate functions that clearly.

Port State Control has been established to enable a Port State to control and, if necessary, to detain a ship under foreign flag.
Each flag state have control of their own ship anywhere in the world. If you have anything to complain about on a US flag ship, call USCG, but that has nothing to do with PSC as the rest of the world understands the term.

The “rest of the world” has no bearing on this discussion as we were giving advice to a US mariner.

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