I have a misdemeanor "Disorderly Conduct"

For getting drunk and in a Fight in a bar you guys think this will keep me from going to a Academy and getting the proper license and become a deck officer?

It used to be a prerequisite.

:slight_smile: Oh really

Probably you’re ok. Call the NMC and ask.

i have one arrest, unpaid speeding ticket, spent 10 minutes in a cell, this was in 1987, never hurt me in any way, matter of fact, when one of my employers, in the initial interview asked me if i had been arrested I said yes and told him what it was for, he started laughing,

forget about it, do not mention it unless they ask, then tell them the truth,

go get your license, more than half of congress has worse things on there record,

I definitely would not worry about that for admissions or a potential employer. I would not even mention it to them. When you apply for a document through the Coast Guard make damn sure you put it on your application, because it is going to come up. If you lie about it then they may deny your application for whatever document you are applying for.

Write up your statement regarding the incident and SAVE IT. Then you when you are asked about it again on the next application you have the EXACT verbiage that submitted previously…

Write up your statement regarding the incident and SAVE IT. Then you when you are asked about it again on the next application you have the EXACT verbiage that submitted previously…

This is wise advice.

Good news is, there’s a rulemaking in the works so that we won’t have to re-submit these stupid conviction statements each application. The new rule will only require disclosure of offenses/arrests etc during the previous five years. I’ll try to dig up the official language and post it. Just gotta remember where I saw it.

What if you get it sponged?

mtskier and Capt_A…
That would make so much sense. This is actually copied from my waiver statement for my recent Chief Mate upgrade application:

“There is no change to the statement submitted with my original application (dated 25 August 1994), nor my subsequent upgrade and renewal applications dated 27 May 1996, 01 June 1997 , 01 Feb 1998, 03 August 1998, 10 Oct 2000, 08 Oct 2001, 10 Jan 2002, and 21 May 2004.”

They did accept the above statement. The said incident (cannabis-related) happened in 1984 when I was a sophomore in high school. How stupid is it for them to continue to request that information?

As far as an Academy, you would have the ask the particular Academy about their requirements, not NMC. As for your license, what matters are convictions. What were you convicted of? 46 CFR 10.201 gives a list of convictions and how much time you need to be evaluated for after for consideration.

Hate to say it, but more than convictions matter. I know Section III of the application says convictions, but, maybe not in all cases, the application lies. Any arrests, regardless of outcome. Had a friend try to renew his z-card. He had a 10-year-old arrest for domestic battery. His ex-wife called the police during an argument, and said he hit her. He was arrested and spent the night in jail. Next day, she admitted she made it up to the police. He was released and never even charged. He thought the matter was done. Got his original z-card, fine. During his first renewal it popped up. It took him almost 8 months to clear that up before they approved him. Again, for an arrest. No charges, no trial, no conviction. He had to get letters from the DA’s office saying he was not charged. I saw the DA’s letter, so I know he wasn’t lying. He had to get letters of recommendation from ships officers saying he was a upstanding citizen. They even asked for a letter from his ex saying she made it up, but she refused. His Z-card expired before it all got cleared up and he lost his job. I would declare everything to the Coast Guard.

Oh, about as stupid as the fact that cannabis is illegal.

Soda it depends on how long ago. If it’s over three years don’t worry about it. I don’t know about the Academy but [B]be sure[/B] to put it on your CG application because it may show up. Someone said something about getting records expunged, there is no such thing. The lawyer will tell you it’s off your record but that is probably the local jurisdiction where it happened. I used to fingerprint the applicants at the REC Toledo and nothing gets expunged from the FBI computers. I always told them “it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare” you take a separate piece of paper and write (example) DUI 1976 Michigan, Assault 1984 Ohio etc. sign it and date it. They don’t want to hear your life story and they aren’t interested in the circumstances. The bottom line is “better to put it down and not have it show up than not put it down and have it come up”. They can deny you for submitting a false application.