Revocation AB ticket due to drug possession charge?

Have been out of the industry a year. Well through a series of “stupid events” caught a misdemeanor possession charge. Really wasn’t planning on sailing any longer as I was in MSC for the last five and honestly it was soul sucking to say the least. Anyway I am just wondering I had/have an AB/Unlimited ticket I just had renewed a year ago and I just saw a local job and am wondering if It’s even worth my time applying for. I’m not sure if you catch a case if it’s instantly revoked or is it just gonna be revoked if I went to renew in a few years. Any help I would appreciate guys. It’s true one f*&( up haunts you a lifetime, my advice to everyone is to not be a stupid ass like me. Probably alittle after the fact about myself but figured it was worth a shot asking. Thanks

Do you still have your MMC and TWIC cards? If the agency that revoked your ticket reports or if the USCG run a background check you may have to surrender your credentials.

Thanks for replying. Still have MMC/TWIC/Med card everything I had when I quit MSC over a year ago. Basically what happened was on something unrelated I had cops in a family members house and had a small amount of something I shouldn’t have. Went to jail overnight. Got a good lawyer and plead no contest to misdemeanor drug possession and got house arrest for 2 months. Not really sure if USCG would know anything about it. I always heard from guys on the ship if you caught a DUI coastguard didn’t know anything about it till you renewed. I’m definite not trying to pull a fast one on them or anything though. Even after I got caught up I’ve always been firm on don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. I just know I busted my ass for several years on those grey hull MSC ships away from home 6 mo at a time to get my AB Unlimited ticket and it would be nice to use tho if possible right?

Use it while you can. Alternately, self report and begin your shore-cation… I mean punishment… now. That way you can enjoy the land life and when your time is up you can ship again.

Thx for the advice DA. I really don’t see myself working on ships in the future but it’s good to know. I was a deck ape like a mofo for a long time and it has just thrashed my body. I’m sure most on here know even more so than I how harsh living/working on those deck plates are on the body. Especially the feet!! Does anyone have any idea what the reprocessions are on something like this with USCG? I always heard like a year not sailing with proof you went to rehab and A/A meetings or something of that nature. Thanks a bunch for the info guys. Kinda embarrassing sitch but oh well sht happens. Lesson learned.

Two months house arrest for a misdemeanor , what else aren’t you telling us

I thought I got off good. First offense ever but they tried to charge me with a felony for manufacturing wax because I had a rosin press regardless of having a medical recommendation (California). Two months at home vs being in jail I jumped on it. $6000 lawyer was the only reason that all even happened. Still often all through this I’ve been like “I quit sailing for this bs?!?” Wake up call though and finally getting my shit together. Went from being a horrible alky like 80% of MSC to a pothead with a record. Dumb. All of it. Makes me miss working for Kirby offshore.

I worked on a cruise ship and seen plenty of fellow crew members who were caught with drugs or failed the sobriety test, the former the ship administration called the local authorities to carry them off to jail not before being fired and the USCG notified and their Seaman credentials taken. Since you were not on a ship when your current incident happened there should be no worries but because the justice system was involved it’s up to you if want to report to the union hall, ship or USCG if you to continue sailing. Nothing may not happen, but do you want to take the risk?

Definitely something to think on. Really appreciate all the good input guys. Fair winds.

There’s more than just your credential to consider. Just about all maritime employers run criminal background checks, too.

Just something to think about. Be ready to explain your circumstances and what you are doing now to make things right.

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"series of “stupid events”
"misdemeanor possession charge -tried to charge me with a felony
house arrest for 2 months+
“regardless of having a medical recommendation (California)”
“Five years on a soul sucking job”
“horrible alky like 80% of MSC”
“it’s true one f*&( up haunts you a lifetime”
(Proving excuses for bad behaivor)

I mean on personal bearing by this but these are not reasons but are symptoms of much bigger issues that you need to personally address. I have seen this before and it is likely you have other major issues like personality disorder, alcoholism, sexual additions, anger management problems, poor driving record, poor credit, money problems and a list of other issues not address here. And please don’t.

As far as the drug issue (still part of a bigger problem), see a doctor and confess that you have an irresistible compulsion to consume intoxicants. Seek medical help from a qualified provider (treatment program, in-house or otherwise) and provide that information to a future employer and the Coast Guard.

You are not a stupid ass but you have had more than one f*&( up. The issues that caused you to get you where you are today, and your insistence to ignore and blame/deflect is well beyond help you’ll find here.

Appreciate the info guys :grinning: definitely all worth some thought. Got some great thoughts regardess of staying in maritime industry or not.

This was very useful to me when I first applied for my MMC. I was convicted of several things in my early twenties and the USCG told me I was not eligible to apply for another 5 to 7 years from my initial application date. I ended up going through an appeals process, had letters of recommendation written by upstanding people in the community, and wrote a letter along with documentation showing where my life is drastically different today than it was at the time of my convictions and arrests.

Check out this CFR and the corresponding table.

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The time period in Table 1 to 46 CFR 10.211 are not intended to mean you cannot apply and/or are not eligible for an MMC for that long. It means that during that period, you will be subject to additional scrutiny and will need to provide additional information, which might include the documents listed in 46 CFR 11.211(l). It sounds like you provided that information, and your appeal was granted.

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When I was originally denied that is just what I was told. Maybe the person I spoke with meant to say that due to my previous convictions that they were denying my application at the time and that the convictions would still be considered in the approval process until that 5 or 7 year term had passed? Thus, without something showing them something different than just the application that I would receive the same verdict?

I just got back working after failing a “facility access” drug test for pot. It was a loooong road back.

I think you might be OK, as long as you haven’t failed a drug test that they know about. On the renewal application DO NOT check the box saying you have ever used dangerous drugs (I do not know if you failed a drug test with your criminal case).

Best case scenario is you just have to have a Substance Abuse Professional evaluate you. Worst case is if you have to do “The Cure” (the long road back…more than 1 year, rehab etc.). You will have a USCG investigating officer (mine was actually cool).

I can understand you hating MSC but it might be a good idea to try and keep your credentials as a backup plan or something. Just apply to renew and see what the USCG says.

Pot can stay in your system for a long time after last use, especially if you are a regular user. Don’t listen to the so-called experts. They aren’t going to be there when you fail a drug screen and are standing there looking like a fool.

As I said, be ready to explain your plan to the USCG and/or future employers to make things right. Attend recovery meetings etc. I am not only a mariner but now I am also a healthcare worker. Both jobs require a certain amount of sobriety. Not perfection, but close enough. I would love to fire up a bowl but I have to wait until I am retired in a few years.

It sucks, but given a choice between sitting around smoking tree or being able to eat and pay bills, I will choose the latter. Wish you all the best. YMMV.

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Reminds me of the Forrest Gump quotation. “Stupid does as stupid is!”