Concerns Over My Record

I am in the process of applying for the Harry Lundeberg Seamanship school.
I’m almost finished with my essay and I have no problem pulling reference letters
from my employer and non family members. My only concern is my record.
I have 6 misdemeanors which are: 2 DUIS 1 Receiving Stolen and 3 shoplifting incidents.
Now, these are all over five years old, and I’ve even been planning to get them expunged,
but that can take up to six months. I want to go ahead and apply for Piney Point right now.

Any thoughts on what I should do and do any of you know someone with a similar situation that
has gotten in?

Nobody likes a thief.

Sounds like you will fit in just fine at Piney Point. Your record is tame by comparison for some of the guys that were in my class. I hope you’ve got your compulsion under control. I hate seeing the blank look on people’s faces onboard when something disappears. You’ve been at sea for a month or more and something is missing and everyone denies knowing anything about it. There are only X number of people onboard and a finite amount of places you could have “lost” whatever it is. Somebody knows something somehow someway.

i just had a hat get nicked, and what’s worse is I think I know who has it but if you accuse someone here it’s a lot more stink than it’s worth.

Before I leave I’ll mention the incurable scalp disease I have and watch him squirm (no I don’t have a scalp disease)