Unlicensed Apprentice Route

Hello everyone, I’m new to the board and have recently applied for my MMC. I have applied to two Seamanship schools, the Tongue Point Seamanship school run by Job Corps and the Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship at the Paul Hall Center run by the SIU. I wanted to know if anyone here has attended either or if anyone here as any thoughts regarding these programs?

I’ll probably end up going to whichever one accepts me first. Tongue Point has a wait time of 2 - 6 months and SIU has a wait time of 6 -12 months (but with guaranteed first job and union book).



stay away fro T. Point, it is federally sponsored and a waste of my money and your time. Piney Point is a good choice whether you agree with unions or not. Don’t talk politics and they will give you good training.
good luck!!!

I’ve sailed with guys out of both schools and they all seem to know what they’re doing. I have been a bit more impressed with the guys from T. Point but it could be just the guys I’ve meet. Like all schools, they can only help you so much, its mostly what effort the individual puts in. Good luck in school.

Thanks for the replies guys! I found out today that I was accepted today into the Harry Lundeberg School, start date is November 9th. Four months wait isn’t too bad.

I have also applied to the Tongue Point school, which I should find out tomorrow when my start date is.

I had originally favored going to Tongue Point, but in this job market it would be nice to have the guarantee of a first job by SIU, B-level seniority, and SIU sponsored training.

What do you guys think? Should I wait and go to the SIU school, or leave earlier for the Tongue Point School?

Also, my MMC was issued today. So for those of you who have applied recently, my application was accepted by the REC on June 18th and issued July 9th, about 3 weeks. Not as bad I as I had thought it would be.

Also, going through the Piney Point program, you’ll receive credits toward a 2 year degree in marine transportation or marine engineering if you choose to follow up with their college program. Weigh your options and good luck.

Wow issued in 3 weeks that’s incredible. REC just accepted my application this past Monday. Maybe I should start packing my seabag now, LOL.

btw REC told me it would be 12 weeks. Was that just a “canned answer” they give everybody or are they really that disconnected from what reality at NMC really is?

I think the SIU program is a great way to go for someone that hasn’t been to sea yet. I was considering their Veterans Program but it is temporarily discontinued. Good luck.

I was surprised by how quickly NMC had processed the application, I thought it would take much longer.

I remember reading somewhere on this forum that NMC was going to have a “tiger team” put together this week with extra staff to help clear out the backlog. This is probably what happened.

Yeah, I asked SIU about it’s Veteran’s Program and it is temporarily discontinued, but one can always go through the regular Unlicensed Program.

I’ve got quite a bit of sea time (Navy) already. I’m going to try and get a job and go straight out to sea. Just how hard getting a deep draft job without any recent experience remains to be seen. I might have to join you at the school.:eek:

Best of luck to you Navy SWO, I hope you are able to land a job with your prior Navy experience.

[quote=rzwllm;15346]…I remember reading somewhere on this forum that NMC was going to have a “tiger team” put together this week with extra staff to help clear out the backlog. This is probably what happened. /quote]

The NMC operations to move credentials faster is showing results. Also, entry-level credentials require very little professional quailfications evaluations and are usually processed faster than other credentials that have more service and training requirements.