Looking for Piney Point Grad or student

Hey can someone who has ever been to piney point or is there now PM me, I have a few questions.


First read here Seafarer’s Union, Your Insight & Advice and here Paul Haul apprentice program. Then conduct the discussion in public so everyone can benefit from the information.

Ive already read all the piney point threds lol. But i guess ill make it public, have you gone to piney point? I had some questions about the medical requirments for getting into the school (I got the medical check list in my application) like do they check my medical records?

I personally have not, however, my son went through the program and I was there with him through most of the process. He, being an 18 year old fresh out of High School and me being a seasoned mariner, there were a lot of ins and outs that I had to assist him with.

Piney Point has some differing requirements but, for the most part, if you can pass the CG Physical you can pass their physical. Do they check your medical records? Have you ever had a physical done where they don’t want to see your previous records? You are going to have to sign a release for them to obtain your medical records, as will any physical you have done for any employer. So it’s a safe bet that yes, they will check your medical records.

Mitch- did you get any info on the physical requirements at Piney Pt? Im trying to train up so I dont get wiped out