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Do you have to troll every thread? Take a day off Bugge.


What kind of drinks?

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If the boat is out of Nawlins, prolly homemade moonshine

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You need to spend a little more time on your “research.” That link you gave is for the FOREIGN vessel compliance division (CG-CVC-2) of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC). The guys in the next block of cubicles are the DOMESTIC compliance division (CG-CVC-1). Had you bothered to click the “Domestic Compliance” tab on the left of that page you cited, you might have learned this.

Yes USCG is the Maritime Authority for US flag merchant ships (Flag State Control)
They are the place to go with any complains about conditions on US-flag ships.

Port State Control (PSC) is a system allowing the Maritime Authorities of a country other than the Flag State to inspect any vessel visiting their ports to confirm that all IMO, ILO and other mandated rules and regulations are complied with, but it is NOT an IMO administered institution.

Here is a condensed explanation of PSC:

USA is not a member of any of the MOUs, but USCG is performing similar PSC functions under a US mandate to ensure that any foreign vessel visiting US ports are in compliance with both IMO and any US special rules and regulations.

The two functions are separate and not to be confused with each other:

Most Flag States, P&I Clubs and Classification Societies issues advise to Owners and Masters on what to expect and what to do when being PSC inspected in by various MOUs, or by USCG.
Here is an example from one of the major P&I Clubs:

And from DNV-GL:

I believe Cavo before I believe some who does nothing but quote and cut and paste internet sites. Read it in the internet so it must be true


But have over 40 years of experience inspecting vessels and rigs of all types, or nationalities and in all kinds of conditions and standard of operation.
Quoting official sites available on the internet saves me from writing long explanations.

The way you troll this board there is no doubt in my mind you are a vetter. 8 out of 10 vetters I meet are full of shit too


I think 8 out of 10 times you are wrong.

Says you bugge boy. Like I said I believe cavo over what comes out of your keyboard

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Oh, did you notice that jdcavo and me say the same thing??
What I linked to was the Foreign & Offshore Compliance Division. CG-CCV-2 (i.e. Port State Control)
While the “boys in the next block of cubicle” are the Domestic Compliance Division CG-CVC-1 (Flag State Control)

No. I just saw you arguing with him like you argue with everyone else


We weren’t saying the same thing. I was pointing out that you are technically correct that “port state control” is not the correct term for U.S. Coast Guard regulation of U.S. flag vessels within the United States, but in the context of this thread, it’s pure semantics that added nothing to this discussion.

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You mean all this has been about nothing?? (Incl. insults by brjones)

So, in this context PSC is the term used for when reporting any non-conformity or whatever to USCG, whether the vessel in question is foreign or US flag?

I’ll bear that in mind. Thanks.

I was going to post a link I was reminded of by your insistence on semantics and refusal to let those most trivial and insignificant points go. But Fraqrat beat me to it in another thread


If I insulted you bugge, you sure get butthurt easily.

There have been a few times when I have thought about calling the USCG about unseaworthy conditions, bad shoreside management, and bad crewmen, but I didn’t know who to call, without getting a lot of blowback.

Most recently, I thought of calling about a bad crewman, but fortunately he had minor incident that resulted in him failing his post-incident drug test, problem solved.

Buddy of mine sailed with a chief who used to get drunk and go to the others guys rooms and belittle them. After while people started calling the coast guard. After a few calls they finally came down and had him blow. Fired and licensed lost for a period of time. Ironically enough he ended up on a cruise ship after license was reinstated…lol


No, as I told you earlier and jdcavo said more recently technically it is not the correct term but we all know what he meant. There was no point in you being a pompous ass about the “true meaning of the term PSC”, especially after I explained everything to you 3 days ago.


I’ve done it before, I just called the local USCG base and reported what I needed to and when they asked for my name I said no, I wanted to stay anonymous.