Avg daily rates in GOM?


Hey everyone,
Dave here again. OK, after a small setback, I’m getting ready to drop my resume’ with a LOT of different companies in GOM area. I’ll definitely be following up with phone calls, e-mails, and I’ll be driving there next week for some “face to face”

I know each operator calls the position something different, but what is a reasonable average daily rate for an unlicensed engineer? QMED with all endorsements? Not licensed yet, but definitely not a rookie either.

I appreciate the insight.


Should be around $250 at Chouest


AB Seaman Unltd. $201 per day
BTW, Rigzone has a 2008 Salary Survey


AB (OSV, Limited or Unlimited) $250
QMED $260
Mate, 100t Capt $350
3rd Capt, 3rd eng $450