QMED work in GOM

Hi, Dave here, I am an ex navy MM, and I’ve been sailing MSC for about 5 years now. laid up with a broken leg from too much shore leave. With a wife and new baby, I think i want to get away from deployments. What is the QMED work like in the GOM? I’m used to 4/8, with overtime, clearing 77k last year. I know the rules change for every type of ship out there, but is there a lot of repair work going on? Are they perm. fixes, or just “get-home” jobs. Is there a company shop, or does the pierside work get farmed out?

I have a QMED-Any with STCW. Do many of the ships have a workshop, or just a Vidmar with some hand tools?

I know there will be as many stories and ideas as there are people here. I’m looking for thoughts. Also, any companies out there looking for QMEDs?

Thanks a lot!!

Dave, pay should be about the same, normal schedule is 28 on/14 off (days) in GOM. 12 hr. days no overtime straight day rate. depending who you work for holiday pay and safety bonuses are not uncommon. As far as repairs they range from don’t touch it we will send a tech to duct tape and bailing wire keep it running.
Most companies have personal to assist engineers with big jobs or technical jobs. I guest it just depends on the repair and the experience of the engineer. The good news is on the new vessels and most are in the GOM an oilers position is not that bad of a gig.

good luck and take care of that broken leg

Dave, I’d suggest you first look at some of the shipping companies outside the GOM as they are usually looking for QMEDs. I’ve known a few guys to go from MSC to the oil industry and they sometimes have trouble adjusting to the standards there. The GOM companies do have their own support people, most of them are trained in house. They call in maufacturers’ reps to repair things you would be used to repairing yourself. No machine shops on board the boats. The last lad I know that went to the GOM told me his main duty was cleaning and oil changes with the emphasis on cleaning. He got tired of being a wiper and started sailing SIU again [non MSC]. Last report I had is he was working a 60/60 and getting his 3rd. On the other hand the GOM is not a demanding job and depending on where you go the pay is decent. Last time I asked the pay was $250-325/day working 28/14.