Any AB's, QMED's, or 3rd A/E's want some temp work?

Looking for AB’s, QMED’s, and 3 A/E’s for some temp work in the GOM - PM me or contact Matt Ewers at Programmed Marine (they pay more than Spencer Ogden by the way)

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Going out to a ship to stand four weeks of anchor watch next week.


Here is my contact information. I have my QMED Jr. Engineer (Able Seaman Engine), STCW Basic Safety Training, TWIC, RFPEW, and VPDSD.

I have 5 1/2 years watch standing experience in the engine room working in the Bering Sea, and North Pacific, with about 12 years of total time spent at sea.

If you would like a copy of my resume I can send that to you.

Best Regards,

James Bradney