Australians and New Zealanders

I have friends heading that way and are looking to avoid the tourist traps, but don’t want to miss out on the best there is to offer. If you have any tips or tricks it would be greatly appreciated, Please PM me with details…

Fair Sea’s

Don’t know if you have noticed, but especially Australia is a big place. Where specifically are they going in OZ and NZ?

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Both are wonderful places, but NZ comes out on top for us due to it’s compact size.

Random thoughts:
For NZ, AirBnBs work well.

Car rental companies frequently need cars delivered within the country, and offer excellent opportunities, if you can work it into your schedule.

If they are going to spend any amount of time there, they may wish to purchase a vehicle, then sell it at the end of their trip:

Here’s info on rail passes:

Air New Zealand has excellent sales from time to time, if they can be flexible on their travel dates. $1,000 R/T from the West Coast, a bit more from Chicago, where they have three non-stop flights per week. And some special offers for visiting both countries at that price.

Raglan is a wonderful small beach and surf community on the N island, similar to a surfing community in the States back in the 60s. There a small restaurant there that has the best breakfasts.

And if your friends are mariners, the 1912 coal fired steamer in Queenstown is definitely worthwhile. It is set up you can get a very good view of the engine room.

Another highlight is Dunedin, on the S island. There is an albatross rookery there, and if the wind is right an you are in the right place, you can see a albatross glide by 30 ft away. And in the evening, stay around and watch the penguins come back ashore after dark.

Bottom line, the whole country is wonderful. What a treat to travel there.