Atwood Oceanics

Just wondering if anyone has worked for them in the past and if they are a decent company. looks like the have 2 new build semi subs under construction with another one already
delivered this year.

They are looking for some DPOs , I was thinking about applying . Anyone know what kind of benefits ,pay, etc they have ?
In general what kind of company are they? Any info would be appreciated.

i have a friend that just got hired. Im waiting on his response.

I know that the CEO is ex TOI, several engineers are there from TOI, head of engineering is ex Zapata/Diamond, and the Assist Marine Supt is ex Zapata/Diamond. Good company, good pay, benefits have to be in line with all others, and they have a good 401k program. Most employees get a raise after the first year, another after the second, then it becomes what the market is paying. I think the next DP Semi is the Condor. They just put the Osprey, moored semi, in Australia with a 6 year contract with Chevron.

The lady who heads HR is 6’4" tall and played volleyball in college, offices are decorated in more a home office style rather than corporate style, very nice feeling when there.