Assistance with up-grade application

Hey gang, I am getting ready to submit an up-grade application. I have heard tell of several retired REC advisors who offer their assistance and advice to expedite the process, but I seem to have misplaced their names, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, James.

Andy Hammond used to run the boston rec and now I believe is a license consultant. Very knowledgeable guy.

Chuck Kaukuska is a retired coastie who worked in REC’s for 25 years and now runs Sea K’s Licensing. Phone # is 734 847 172

Andy Hammond can be found on Facebook
I’ve had great success with Mark Grossetti; also out of REC Boston

i’d highly recommend Andy. he stepped in and helped me after i was four months and one revision into my application. it’s now well worth it to hire somebody that handles this stuff day in and day out. even if you think you know the regs.

It sucks that the application process has gotten so convoluted that one feels the need to hire a “consultant”.

Very true. However I have been through the upgrade process with the new system, and even though it is more convoluted then the days of face to face time at the REC, I still would not hire someone to consult me on it. All the info is there, you just have to take the time to sort through it.

I’m not sure where you are located, but I have worked with Holly Chetta, and can recommend her.
She was over 16 years with REC New Orleans, she is very knowledgeable and well connected with NMC .
She can be reached at

Good luck !

Thank you, one and all, a great help.

Norleen Schumer is a fellow gCapt member/contributor from the Seattle area…great website w/ blog and a nice lady!!

I still have a receipt from the early 90s for my upgrade to AB unl with Norleens signature. Think she worked/ran Seattle for30 years. Great to work with.

Norleen Schummer did a great job for me. Even did a favor for no charge.