NMC application work-around


Hello all,<br>I’ve heard that there are some independent contractor folks out there that can “certify” a license application before it goes to NMC. In other words, they do the sea time, etc. evaluation, then stamp your application as evaluated and approved, then it goes to NMC for a final check. The goal being, of course, that NMC evaluators have minimal invovlement. <br>I checked out maritimelicensing.com and some of the other usual suspects, but all they do is help you put your application together. I can do that. <br>What I really want to do is keep NMC’s mistake-ridden evaluators from hindering the process. <br>Anybody know and can recommend one of these “Trusted Agents”?<br>Thanks,<br>Fran


Up until two weeks ago (Monday, the 8th of September 2008), the REC in Boston was the only other authority that could still “evaluate” your application without involving the NMC. They were the last REC to come into the NMC fold. - REC Boston completes National System -<br><br>If there are “agents” out there that “approve” a license package that NMC deems pre-ordained, I certainly have never heard of it. As far as “agents” that can check to see if your “package” is complete, and ready for submission, that is what the REC’s now do as part of your fee.<br><br>Good luck Capt.Fran…