Are "stay at home" orders constitutional?

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Yes, LoL Tom Clancy discussed this in one of his books were the US was attacked with a biological weapon. Yes they can shut down businesses and public areas and do curfews. Your question makes it seem like you are surprised. I am actually shocked by people not knowing that this could happen. If it’s bad enough martial law can happen.

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No, not surprised at all. I’m pretty sure this is covered under the WPA.

I will err on the side of safety and lower whatever risks there are to my “crew” (family).

I don’t give a crap whether it is constitutional or not. I am limiting my exposure to risk. Granted there are other risks out there such as drunk drivers, cancer, shark attacks and being anally probed by aliens, extra-terrestrial not terrestrial, and meteors but I keep those risks to a minimum too most of the time. I still have access to everything I want and need. I still have an income of sorts and my bills are paid. If this was not occurring I would figure out some way to get through.

I consider myself lucky and blessed. Besides, if you can’t laugh or amuse me, why are you here?


Awe fuck Lee Shore, you lost me now. I am liberal to a point. but male whatevers do not belong in women’s wrestling. Perhaps some our liberal friends will agree, but HELL NO. I am a big fan of wrestling, my son was 4th in the state as a light heavy , 235 in a 285 weight class. ACLU has no idea what they are talking about. Male/She male against women is not right. The females do quite well without having this bullshit. I know/have known some very good female wrestlers, they are behind many ACLU decisions, but not this one. Has nothing to do with the title of this post, but had to comment.

Lost me where? I haven’t advocated anything. I posted a Forbes article about people bitching that their constitutional rights are being violated because the authorities won’t let them go out and infect at will. The side note merely pointed to the fact that the ACLU would rather support the cause of boys wanting to compete in girl sports than support the ‘me first’ protestors. The article supports that view although some civil rights lawyers will milk this for whatever it’s worth.

I picked up on the sarcasm

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As did I. Everybody’s good at something. 8-^)

No problem Lee_Shore. It was the article, just ruffled me regarding ACLU .We are good I hope my friend. To get back on subject, I don’t know if it’s constitutional, but staying home, ordering out for food and groceries, and declined a wedding invitation for a dear friend, could perhaps save me some grief later on. Probably be fine, but ok in my hut for a bit.

No sarcasm here sirs.

The short answer is, what’s Constitutional or not, is whatever The Court says at any given time. If that sounds flippant, just consider how many 5-4 decisions there have been over the years.

I though the article was fairly instructive and well reasoned.

What article may I ask?

The Forbes. Stay at home orders. Relax :sunglasses: It should be ridiculous for men to compete against women that way.

BMCS, all aboard.

The Washington Free Beacon article is what got me going. Lee_Shore did not write it, so no ill will towards him. Was a sensitive subject regarding that sport and how ACLU is handling it. Constitutional or not. Sorry guys if I offended anyone, It just ain’t right. Hunkered down, not protesting, have plenty of TP and groceries. JMHO

Not to worry friend. I could have been clearer. My interest lies in the process of government. I didn’t even bother with the ACLU.

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As is absolutely your right. The point is, that others, in the appropriate age range, with no co-morbitities(sp?), should be allowed to pursue their right to provide for their families.


All good.

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It’s their call.

Personally, with no proof and just my opinion, I think the body count would be over a million in the big cities and then it spreading similarly to small towns.

But of course, my opinion means less than nothing.

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Why do you think that? What I’ve seen for the 18-40 crowd (with no co-morbitities) is death rate similar to the normal flu… Why shouldn’t we get started with our re-opening with a coalition of the willing who are willing to work?