4th of July greetings 2024


From tiny :poland: :poland: :poland: :poland:


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Dear Master Omni-Bugge.
Is it not surprising , that only two most faithful allies( foreigners) on this forum are honestly wishing their American Colleagues well on this great day. ???

Have noticed many fereigners here but looks we are the minority. Too bad, too bad.

What I have observed also is that there are only two Real Patriots in their own " we crowd" thanking You and appreciating your gesture of friendship. This is not only bad , it is a disaster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are we supposed to salute you non U.S. citizen gentlemen for your kindness? It’s appreciated and all, but to be honest, after the recent week of supreme court decisions, there doesn’t seem much “independence” to be celebrated at the moment. If anything, some of us are starting to figure out our options to either fight for the so called American experiment or prepare for the downfall of it.

Not a happy thought either way.


Mine was an observation only , while yours above quoted looks like hyperbole.

Simple " like " could be enough and do a job of appreciation . But viewing the rest of your explanation seems like a good excuse for not liking .

Downfall of America is out of the question but You Guys know better what to do I suppose. From my geographical location WW III is already on ( light version) so you are welcome to a war zone .

It would be foolish to say I understand the problem but I understand the title
of the article - and that is the problem or am I having nightmare ??

Listen: Joe Biden says he is ‘first Black woman to serve with a Black president’ (msn.com)

Happy Independence Day, Ameridudes


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Looks like down uder Folks slept through the day after eating too much eukaliptus leaves like their iconic cute Koala bear. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ausmariner thuogh must be too busy steering /piloting :wink: so is also excused .

And “Slava Ukraine” seems only interested in US MONEY!!! . Shame on them .

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Wyld Stallyns rock!


Welcome to the party

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I like the reply of a British comedian, who when asked by a local radio station in North Carolina, “Do the British celebrate the 4th?”, replied, “what nation doesn’t celebrate getting their arse kicked”? :laughing:

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