Just because it is the Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to all my nautical brothers & sisters (whether American or not)


and because WWII was the time when the USA was truly and utterly her best, most righteous and strongest I must add today


I don’t want to nor do I have time to argue the point but it is my personal opinion the weeks, months & years leading up to July 4th 1776 were our finest hours & our nations greatest contribution to humanity. It could be justified for every freedom loving country in the world to celebrate today. 2000+ years ago the Roman Republic/Democracy gave away a large portion of their freedom to be ruled over by an emperor. The Roman Empire was under that type of control until it’s demise. Shortly after the monarchs of Europe took control & continued to control their subjects based on birthright alone. But 242 years ago the people of the North American colonies pushed the first dominoe that caused the collapse of the monarchs across the globe. Today the people of the world takes the ideas of democracy & “all men being created equal” for granted. A providence of North Korea would never send a declaration of independence to Pyongyang & claim each & every citizen of that providence was equal to Kim Jung-un. It would be blasphemy & suicide. Thats the way most of the world was toward their masters before 1776. The whole world should celebrate today.

But winning WW2 was awesome for our country & the world too.


You only destroyed one regime and built up another to then try to destroy it for decades.

That was the conundrum of the European War…to destroy Hitler and barbaric Nazism we had to put our weight behind Stalin and brutal totalitarianism. A very difficult place for the USA to find itself.

Regarding our own Revolution, I have never quite seen it for the global implications of it but it did start a long process to change the world.

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If you have the time & like to read, check out Ian Buruma’s book “Year Zero, A History of 1945”. The author is a historian from Holland. According to him, the world benifitted greatly from the Allies winning WW2 & not just for military reasons or redrawing of maps. The Alllies winning the WW2 was a great leap forward for mankind on every level possible. 1945 was literally year zero for our current modern era. Humanity would have been so much different if Hilter lead Germany into our modern era. It’s an enlightening read.

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to close this day…a moment to reflect on a different era when the US and its people accomplished the miraculous and showed what a great nation we truly are. A time when the Nation was actually a “United” States.

God Bless America


It certainly changed with pretty well immediate effect how Britain dealt with first Canada and then Australia and New Zealand.

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The 13 American Colonies put the UK, European & the rest of rhe worlds monarchs on their toes. What happened later in France, Russia, South America, China etc. would have never happened or happened many decades/centuries later if the US didn’t get the ball rolling. The 4th of July should be a world holiday.