Apprentice mate of towing

I wondering if anyone here knmows of decent companies that hire a apprentice mate of towing.

In general, very few companies ever hire apprentice mates as apprentice mates. In almost all cases you start out as a deckhand and work your way up to the wheelhouse. If you put in your time and show real promise then, at some point, a captain and/or an experienced mate may put in a recommendation for you and you might wind up in a “training mate” position (where wheelhouse training is your primary function). Or maybe not. It depends on how the particular company is structured and operates, and you’ll have to talk to them about that before you agree to work. If you already have an apprentice mate “license” then you’re that much farther ahead of the game. Click [B][U]here[/U][/B] for a comprehensive list of job links at the MTVA Forum.

Good luck to you…